Up to last week, he usually ate quite well (not as much as we would want, but the amount was increasing).

Then, he got a bit sick and was mostly back to breastfeeding again.

Now, he's almost back to normal again, except every time we try to feed him vegetables, he immediately spits them out again (all over the desk and us *phffrt*), and even fruits are mostly refused.

Is this just a phase, or do we have to be worried? Will he get enough nutrients when he reverts to mostly breast-milk?

Are there any tricks to make him eat normally again?

asked 14 Mar '10, 14:34

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Do you give him the same food you are eating? And does it look like the food you are eating? In my experience, children really want to do what everyone else is doing, so if you're sitting at the table eating a plate of carrots, then they will want to join in.

Personally I would offer a balanced meal, just like you cook for yourself. Put a mini portion on a plate for him, cut up into bite sized pieces, sit at the table with him and eat yours while he feeds himself as much of his as he wants (at 9 1/2 months he probably has the co-ordination to feed himself, so long as you don't expect him to manage cutlery).

Don't give him any solids that you don't feel are nutritionally useful - although still let him have the milk he needs. Until he's one you'd probably expect him to be getting most of his nutrition from milk, so the solids are simply for him to experiment with anyway.

If you're really concerned, keep a food diary, and see what he's eating over a whole week. You might find that it evens out quite nicely, even if individual meals seem unbalanced.


answered 14 Mar '10, 17:00

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Meg Stephenson
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Sometimes, he gets the same stuff we eat. Most of the times, he gets self-cooked, frozen stuff, because my wife can't feed him at the same time as she's eating. We gave him some of our food yesterday evening and he ate more, so maybe that's the way. He does not yet feed himself, he mostly plays with the food. We will try the food diary, thanks!

(15 Mar '10, 07:38) brandstaetter
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