I have a seven week old son, who slept 8 hours at a time on his back, but now will only fall asleep on us on his front. The minute you try to put him in the basket he is awake or if he has gone inot a deep sleep it lasts 2 minutes and then all manner of grunting and puffing takes place and he is wide awake. Seems like he is only sleeping about 6 hours a day. The reason Iask about on his back is because all the advice from the midwives is to put them on their back to avoid cot death, However this results in him getting no sleep and us aswell. I'm grateful for any tips!

asked 14 Mar '10, 14:35

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If he is waking himself up by flailing his arms about you could try swaddling him.

I have to admit that, since I was cosleeping and breastfeeding, so that the SIDS risk was low, I did end up putting our babies to sleep on their fronts sometimes, as they did sleep better that way. However, if you are artificial feeding and/or your baby sleeps alone, then the correlations about sleeping on the back and reduced SIDs risk are really significant.

If you are not currently co-sleeping, then you could read some of the answers to this question about cosleeping to see if it could work for you. Many parents find they sleep better if their baby cosleeps.


answered 14 Mar '10, 16:00

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Definitely try swaddling as that will KEEP him on his back.

It seems like your question is not so much about back-sleeping as it is about getting a very young infant to FALL and STAY asleep. From my experience babies can and will go through different phases of sleeping well, not sleeping well, sleeping well, not sleeping well...I really hate to break this to you, but it lasts for quite some time. If you realize that now, it'll be much easier to deal with. Of course, you might end up with one of those "dreamy" babies that sleeps 7pm to 7am ALL the time.

Have you tried a swing? This was the ONLY way that my LO would nap until he was about 3 months old. We swaddled and put him in the swing. It keeps them on their backa AND rocks them at the same time. Brilliant!


answered 23 Mar '10, 01:06

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I never used a baby swing, but given the shape of the seats of some of these swings and the SIDS safety concerns (fsid.org.uk/Page.aspx?pid=590) regarding sleeping in car seats, it might be wise to be cautious, especially with a very young baby. Perhaps ensuring that you can see the baby's face at all times would be a good idea.

(23 Mar '10, 19:01) Meg Stephenson
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