As moms4mom is dedicated for parents i would like to hear some interesting problems they faced and the solution to that problem...

Any Interesting ones....

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When my daughter was about 3 weeks old she stopped pooping. For two weeks she did not have a bowel movement on her own.

After a few days of no dirty diapers it was obvious she was getting very uncomfortable. So we talked to a doctor and were told to either to use one quarter of one half of a suppository or to stimulate her sphincter with a rectal thermometer. The thermometer didn't always work, so we tried the suppositories. Generally within 5 minutes she had a dump, and a few times we didn't even get her diaper fastened before she started relieving herself.

Then when she was 5 weeks old, she figured things out again and started pooping on her own. It was actually on Halloween when the problem solved itself. My brother was holding her and told me that she was "trick-or-treating."

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