I just read an article in the New Scientist that made me think and smile simultaneously . The article is titled

If mum is happy and you know it, wave your fetal arms

Although the study is too early to advise mothers to be, I think that what they say makes sense. I was always told that babies can hear music and voices but never thought that they could feel emotions.

During my pregnancy we listened to all sorts of music, my husband would often talk to my tummy stroking it at the same time. The worst kicking and elbowing would occur when we were at the cinema.

What do you think about fetuses sensing & feeling emotions? and did you do anything specific during your pregnancy which made your baby react?

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asked 16 Mar '10, 13:41

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I have ALWAYS been a very emotional person. Now that I am reaching the end of my pregnancy I want to be as prepared as possible for the arrival and I get very tired very fast and i am so picky that i dont dare ask anyone for help. And maybe for that same reason no one helps and it is starting to really get to me and i find myself crying most of the time. Ihavr noticed my bby moves around a lot at this time and am REALLY hoping I am not doing any harm to her???

(30 Jul '12, 01:02) Jaki

As fetuses can hear and feel the mother, I think it's obvious logical that they can feel the emotions too - heartbeat and breathing frequency is clearly different when you are relaxed and happy.

Studies show that hormones can pass to the child too, so it can even be expected that they might have the same influence on the child as on the mother.

We used to play a wind-up toy during pregnancy, and our son reacts to this toy in a special way now. It sometimes is our "last resort" when we need to distract him and calm him down.

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answered 16 Mar '10, 14:33

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Good idea to use a wind up toy. (to be honest I didn't think it was obvious that fetuses could feel emotions, noises, voices yes, but not stress or emotions!

(16 Mar '10, 17:44) Emi

changed "obvious" to "logical" - sometimes I think in my mother tongue and that gets in the way of proper English

(17 Mar '10, 07:19) brandstaetter

I read the exact same article and was just going to link to it! That being said, I'll share a little anecdote of my own. All throughout my pregnancy, my one cat would sleep on my bump while purring. My son is 9 months old, and to this day every time the cat walks in the room, D smiles and gigles. He does not when the other cat walks in the room, nor when that cat ignores him (which, being a cat, he is wont to do)

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answered 16 Mar '10, 17:03

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Wow, thats pretty amazing!

(16 Mar '10, 17:26) Emi

I agree with brandstaetter. I think that the same chemicals your brain releases into the blood stream to cause your emotions would have to make the rounds thru the baby. So..........spend 9 months on the beach and you'll have a calm, serene child! ;-)

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answered 18 Mar '10, 01:09

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I'd rather spend 9 months living in the mountains.

(21 Mar '10, 00:56) mkcoehoorn

My daughter was most active when I was driving, generally because I tend to get stressed out when driving in rush hour traffic.

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answered 17 Mar '10, 00:53

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