My infant (about 10 weeks old) has raspy breathing for about half an hour after she has fed. Anybody else experience this or know what causes this?

asked 28 Sep '09, 20:38

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It sounds to me like your baby may have mucus from the milk residue. You could try suctioning out her mouth afterwards to see if that helps. I would also suggest making sure your baby is in more of an upright position and her knees, shoulders and head are lined up when being fed so her swallow is stronger to clear the mucus. If suctioning/positioning doesn't help and her raspy breathing to happening on a regular basis I strongly recommend you contact your doctor.

What seems harmless now could potentially turn into something more dangerous (ex. Aspiration pneumonia) if it goes on for too long and the fluids are sneaking into her lungs, although I don't believe it's very common in babies. I can't find the exact reference that I'm looking for online and I don't want to assume anything, but I did find some information on newborn babys breathing noises.

I also found what may seem to be a silly reference (Pampers Village), but it has professional experts answering questions and this lady has some really good information in the body of the answer for upright feeding positions to reduce reflux (which could have lingering mucus).


answered 29 Sep '09, 07:09

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Our kiddo had this and it was completely harmless, it went away on its own. As long as you can tell he's getting enough air and is fine, I wouldn't worry.

BUT if you're worried, it's often for good reason, so obviously ask a doctor and don't rely on Internet information.


answered 29 Sep '09, 11:18

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Your child could have GERD, it would not hurt to talk to your GP/Pediatrician to rule out any medical concerns.


answered 01 Oct '09, 04:02

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You can also check so your child doesn't have thrush.

Small thing that can cause alot of problem for small kids when they are eating


answered 01 Oct '09, 06:17

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It could be connected to the type of milk your baby's receiving; when moving from breast milk to formula, our youngest would vomit the formula within 10-15 minutes of feeding, without fail. We switched to a lactose-free formula (my wife has a lactose intolerance), and she stopped vomiting literally right away.

So, without any specific experience of the problem you describe, I'd try changing the type of milk you're feeding, if possible.

Obviously, if the problem persists, contact your doctor or health visitor if you haven't already.


answered 28 Sep '09, 21:52

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