I am reasonably new to Moms4moms. This questions is about to how to use the site rather than parenting.

Last month I asked a question about getting kids to stay in their rooms. We have taken on some of the suggestions and I want to provide an update based on our experience. Do I do this as another answer, update the question or do I do it as a comment?

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The best solution is that if what you have to add could be phrased as an answer, then post it as an answer. Such a post might look like this:

We tried x, y, and z, and had the following results

If you can't really phrase it as an answer or one of the existing answers really turned out to be the best solution, then post one or more comments under the answers (or question) explaining how a given answer worked or didn't, or how you modified it to fit your needs.

Also, select the best answer and accept it (click the check mark next to it) to indicate that the question has been answered.

But it's your question, so while generally answers and comments are preferred, some people choose to update the question, and that's fine.

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answered 18 Mar '10, 04:34

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Great answer... I have no more to add. Thanks Adam!

(18 Mar '10, 09:28) Scott ♦♦
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