I am always on the look out for good ways to reward good behavour. In our family we use fruit toast to encourage our son not to get up too early and we have used sticker charts and marshmallows as part our toilet training. On this site I have learnt about a interesting reward system with marbles and jars. (This I will probably try when our kids a little older).

My question is what sort of reward systems have worked in your family? And what age kids did it work with.

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Since I can recall, at around 20 months and a little later during potty/toilet training we have mostly rewarded "things that are well done" with lots of verbal praise, big hugs & big cuddles, coordination of smiling and thumbs up and winking at our daughter. As she has gotten older, (she is now 5 and a half) rewarding her for waking up easily, not taking too long in the shower and for accepting when she is tired, she is given choices about where she would like to be taken, what she would like to do or eat.... and this is something that she really seems to appreciate.

This is what worked for us, as we are a small family with a single child, so behavior issues have never really been an issue. Also this was the approach my husband favored, and we both agreed that "good behavior" was not something we needed to reward and we were sure that we didn't want to reward anything with anything edible.


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We use stickers and trips to favorite places. On rare occasions we use new toys or eating out.


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When our daughters were younger (under 3), we used to say "Claps for <>" and clap our hands in a happy way.

These days (they are 4 and 7), the main motivation that seems to work to get them ready for bed quickly is the promise of a television show before bed (they usually only get stories read to them after dinner).

For bigger things like behaving when we're on a trip, we promise to take them for "coffee" (usually a cupcake and chocolate milk at Starbucks or Panera).

For bigger still, they like going to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays or Friendlies, so a promise of going to that helps, too.


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