What food you would recommend for infants suffering from dysentry?

asked 19 Mar '10, 10:55

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Pandiya Chendur
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Dysentary could be quite serious and this is the sort of thing I would make sure to ask your family Dr. or paediatrician about. When our daughter was 8 months old she has gastroenteritis (commonly known as the stomach flu). Although these are different conditions they have some similar symptoms. At the time my Dr. said to avoid feeding her food until the symptoms passed as they could make the diarrhea and vomiting worse. If she got hungry he said to give her jello in order to provide her with calories that will be readily absorbed into her system with causing distress to her digestive track. I believe with also gave her as much formula and water as she would drink in order to provide nutrients and make sure she wasn't dehydrated.


answered 19 Mar '10, 16:41

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Tammy ♦♦
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+1 for professional medical advice.

(19 Mar '10, 16:49) Emi

From our experience diarrhea does not go away quickly even with particular foods suggested for "clogging" such as banana's, toast & rice. When I asked our doctor if there was anything to help besides food he suggested LACTOBACILLIN ACIDOPHILUS which is a dietary supplement safe for all ages and found in local drug stores. There is powder in a gel capsule so you can take the capsule apart and sprinkle it on food. It really helped our kids/babies a lot and was much faster than giving them clogging foods.


answered 19 Mar '10, 20:19

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