I'm looking for some computer software to help with Spelling for a 4th/5th grader. There are lots of programs but not many reviews. Anyone have anything to recommend?

Quick history: My 4th grade son had the same teacher for 2nd and 3rd grade who sent home spelling words to learn every week. It was easy to do at home while cooking dinner or making him re-write them all before being able to play xbox. He advanced to 4th grade proficiency those 2 years.

His 4th and 5th grade teacher doesn't believe in making the kids do spelling. She feels that it is more effective to spot spelling mistakes and teach spelling at that opportunity.

So this year my son has fallen in love with writing. and is writing stories like crazy. But his spelling is horrible, and he's spelling words wrong that he should have remembered from 2nd/3rd grade.

We would like to get him back on track with spelling and have him do some exercises before being able to play. We have Window's computers running XP if that helps any recommendations.

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Computers are a wonderful thing, but honestly I think in this case paper worksheets might be a better solution. I have a workbook with 1,000 words suitable probably for a slightly older age group, but I'll see if I can find it and give you the title. There is a great variety of such workbooks though, and you can even find worksheets online for free, and probably software that generates them.

However, I'd suggest you consider an alternate approach - reading.

I learned to spell simply by reading voraciously. It seems to me that when I see a misspelled word, it just looks wrong because I became used to how it looked when spelled correctly.

Further, reading may help him in writing as he'll learn a great deal about phrasing, plot movement, characterization, and so forth while reading.

Computers can be used for this, of course, but I'm not a big fan of staring at the computer, then staring at the TV all evening. So for the math I'd also recommend worksheets.

We have tried several math and other education software packages, but have always been very disappointed by the quality and compatibility with our computers. They always seem to be written for older systems with terribly user-unfriendly copy protection software on top of them, so perhaps my experience has been soured by this. We still try occasionally, but no luck yet.

I have found some reasonably good software for the iPhone for math, spelling, vocabulary, etc from IMAK creations (brain blaze line of apps) which is actually pretty nice. My kids like to play on my iphone, so I'll have them do a few minutes of one of those first, then let them play the other games.


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