We bought our 12-month old his first pair of shoes - a stylish pair from See Kai Run.

One of the sales associates at Olly helped us to pick them out and size them. They fit perfectly in the store.

When we got home, however, we had the darndest time trying to put them on! We need a baby shoe horn! Our little one is so patient while my husband and I are twisting and pulling and trying to get the heel of his shoe over his heel. And just when we think it's on, we'll pick him up and it'll fall off.

I saw the Olly sales associate doing this "twist and push" kind of motion to get it on, but I didn't think to ask about technique.

Any suggestions on techniques or tools for getting these shoes on our toddler?

asked 23 Mar '10, 00:28

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Wow. Same here. Somehow my husband can get shoes on the guy, but not me.

(23 Mar '10, 13:20) Anne

I seemed to be continually putting shoes on my toddler. Be thankful that he is willing to hold still at present but this will not last. When my children don't want to sit still I often do the shoes in their carseats or in the buggy (normally once we have arrived at the destination as they often take them over on route.

It is hard to explain my technique but some shoes it does seemed to involve pushing their foot into the shoe with my finger behind . After I have the foot basically in I get the child to stand or hold their leg as if in a standing position to get it completely in. Over time the shoes does become softer so it does become easier.

But my advice would be to go back to the shop you bought them from and ask the sales assistant to show you how they did it.


answered 23 Mar '10, 06:04

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The salesperson at Clark's told us the same thing re: stand on the foot to get the foot in the shoe. My guy sort of curls up his toes and this un-curls them.

(23 Mar '10, 13:21) Anne

My daughter used to ALSO CURL HER TOES and you can't really tell that they are doing it...after we figured that out and got her to uncurl her toes it was WAY EASIER to put on the shoes!!

(23 Mar '10, 22:07) Sabrina

We had similar difficulty with our daughter's first real shoes. Our technique was to make sure we were behind her for leverage. Open the shoe as much as possible to get the toes in. Then holding your finger in the heel portion to widen it. Then push up on the heel of the shoe. I find it difficult to explain without some form of visual image. The most important thing for us was that this would never work unless we were sitting behind her or had her sitting on our lap.

Since that time I told myself that from now I would only buy shoes for her that had a tab on the back of the heel to help put them on.


answered 23 Mar '10, 18:26

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Tammy ♦♦
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  • 1 we also used to put shoes on in the way you explain. It easier for us that way.
(23 Mar '10, 20:42) Emi
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