I would like to get some tips for my sister's son who has a poor handwriting..... Should I make him to use ruled paper for writing....

Some tips would be really useful...

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Pandiya Chendur
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Interesting question. I was going to ask a similar question How do you help a 3 year old learn to to recognise and write his letters.

(23 Mar '10, 05:52) K D

We had wooden letter and alphabet puzzles that she liked to play with. I cannot say for sure how much that affected her memory of letters and numbers, but she did enjoy playing with them tremendously. She would copy 3 or 4 letter words from picture cards, and spell them out with her wooden letters, at about 3 and half.

(23 Mar '10, 08:37) Emi

Has your nephew been attending any type of Pre-School or Kindergarten at all, because I would expect that they are slowing introducing work sheets with shapes and squiggle lines to help the pencil/hand coordination to develop before introducing sheets similar to this for drawing around letters.

(I was not able to find any examples for you, but in my daughters school they are using numbered strokes next to the letters, they are drawing over, and it may be useful to add that they are just now being encouraged to use and distinguish between capital and lowercase letters, she is 5 and a half)

I have been told that children s Fine Motor Skills are still developing at these ages, so to try and answer your question I would try and

  • encourage further development of fine motor skills with activities like these

  • get hold of some printing sheets and ruled paper as you also suggest and get him to practice drawing continuous "wave" "U" and "squiggle shapes"


answered 23 Mar '10, 08:33

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There are some writing tablets available at Wal-Mart that have little indentations to help children learn how to form the letters.

Beyond that all I can suggest is to practice, practice, practice. Find any reason for him to write (i.e. make a grocery list, sign his name on gifts, etc) and give him lots of opportunities.


answered 23 Mar '10, 16:59

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