What's the best tool for a toddler to use to dip Easter Eggs into the dyed water. I don't think my toddler will have much success using that tiny metal "tool" that comes with the Easter Egg Dye Kit and I have my doubts about using a spoon too. This will be the first year I'm attempting this...and I'm sort of a clean freak so this kinda of messy craft freaks me out.

What have you used that has worked the best?

asked 23 Mar '10, 22:20

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We went to a friend's house and they used a wire wisk to put the egg inside so that it was very easy for the toddler's to pick up and check on the egg to see how the color was looking. Very non-messy and fun for toddler's!


answered 10 Apr '10, 08:11

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+1 That is brilliant!

(10 Apr '10, 14:53) Neen

I know, I would have never thought of it myself! I think my friend found the idea in a kid's book.

(11 Apr '10, 05:35) Sabrina

When my older boys were toddlers we "coloured" easter eggs, we used their washable markers on hard boiled eggs instead of using the dyes (because I can't fish an egg out of the dye with one of those silly little wire loop things, I was pretty sure a 2 year old wouldn't get it to work) . It was still lots of fun and a whole lot less likely to end up with a spilled bowl of dye on my floors (which happened when they were bigger, don't forget to put newspaper on the floor, too!). We would also use glue sticks and glitter on them.


answered 24 Mar '10, 03:20

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I've purchased a tool for dipping Easter Eggs, it's like a pair of plastic scissors but has two spoon like things instead of the blades. It seemed to work well, but I don't know what company makes them or where I bought it.


answered 24 Mar '10, 00:27

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I saw those at Target yesterday and almost bought them...that does seem like maybe a good option.

(24 Mar '10, 22:54) Sabrina

I remember using homemade wire loops made from coathangers when I was little, with no huge problems. Done right, it's going to wobble less than the cheap junk that comes in easter-egg kits.

If I were doing it today with my son (he's still too young) I'd probably just use our kitchen tongs to fish the eggs out of the dye.


answered 25 Mar '10, 12:03

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I waited until my daughter was 3 to dye eggs. She did surprisingly well with the tool that comes in the kit.


answered 25 Mar '10, 01:22

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I am not sure about what tool is best as I have never decorate eggs but when I do really messy actitivites with my preschool kids I like to do it outside if possible or in the bathroom with a large piece of plastic tablecloth that I keep for this purpose (or newspaper). If possible I have the kids wearing as few clothes as possible and have a bath run for quick clean up of the children. Also make sure you have everything organised.

If there is another adult around get them to take some photos. HAve fun.


answered 26 Mar '10, 00:13

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