Today my one-year-old learned how to climb out of the bathtub. I thought that he might not like being separated from me so I climbed into the tub with him. However, he still tried climbing out and once he was out, he tried climbing back in again (I'm using the word "tried" because his current method involves swinging a leg over the side and then falling out which I usually intercept).

We usually give him at least a 10 min bath every night as part as his bedtime routine. He's never been a fan of bath time but once he's in for a couple of minutes, he would usually settle down and play with his toys. I've tried making bath time more entertaining for him by singing, splashing, and playing with him but none of this seems to work very well.

Suggestions? Should I just resign myself to helping him in and out of the bathtub during bath time?

asked 24 Mar '10, 01:36

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Kiesa ♦
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+1 Lol! My little guy "tries" to climb in and out of the tub as well.

(24 Mar '10, 02:35) cat_g

+1 Nice question. I wouldn't allow him to start climbing out just yet :) We discovered that our daughter loved playing with small shampoo bottles and plastic cups that she could fill with water and empty over and over again. (Gradually my collection of trial size or small hotel shampoos and body wash containers became very entertaining)

(24 Mar '10, 06:45) Emi

My ten month old also tries to climb out of his tub. Have you considered bathing him in a small plastic tub? I put his tub on the bathroom floor so that when he does try to climb out, he has less chance of hurting himself (i.e. he would only fall a couple inches instead of a couple feet).

I also try to mix up the bath-time entertainment a bit so that there is something interesting to keep him in the tub each day.

Some ideas that seem to work for us:

  • Somedays I make his bath a bubble bath. He finds examining and trying to eat the bubbles very interesting.
  • I keep a set of plastic blocks in the bathroom. I put one or two different blocks in the tub. Since I use different ones each day, he seems to need to do a block "inspection" when I put them in the tub. This may buy me enough time to wash him before he tries to get out!
  • I have two different bath-time books that can go in the water.
  • Somedays I give him his own facecloth to play with while I wash him. He does all sorts of funny things with it from an "inspection" to using it for splashing.

Somedays during his bath, I seem to spend the entire bath saying, "Stay seated, please." If he is just too much "on the go" I just give him a quick rinse and end his bath before someone gets hurt. Also, if my husband is available, I get him to hold him gently in the tub while I do a super quick wash.

Good luck!


answered 24 Mar '10, 02:49

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+1 for good ideas to keep entertained. We are also a fan of tub crayons, tub basketball and food colouring in the water for fun colours here...

(24 Mar '10, 03:02) Krista
  • 1 really great ideas!
(24 Mar '10, 06:32) Emi

Are there bubbles that are OK for a kid to eat? My guy would love that too. I can imagine the amazed look on his face.

(24 Mar '10, 16:29) Anne

@Anne I use a Johnson's head to toe baby wash to make his bubble bath. He doesn't eat very much of the soap - I only put about a teaspoon in the whole bath. I'm not 100% sure that it is safe for him to eat even a tiny bit of the bubbles, but it is a product designed for kids and he's injesting so little, that I'm not worried about it. I'm more worried about what he's injesting when I catch him eating my shoes!

(24 Mar '10, 17:19) cat_g

+1 LOL, I had to tell my youngest yesterday to stop licking the cat. I wouldn't worry about eating the bubbles either!

(26 Mar '10, 07:23) Neen

lol good point Neen and cat_g. I mean the kid puts random things he finds outside in his mouth. He ate cat food off the floor. What's a bubble or two?

(26 Mar '10, 12:07) Anne
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Why don't u try to let him "cook" in the tub. I mean let him squeeze empty bottles filled with water and food coloring.It would be intresting for him to inspect the colors.Also fill the tub with plastic toys.


answered 24 Oct '10, 20:44

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Becky Boxford
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That's a neat idea...

(25 Oct '10, 01:50) Scott ♦♦
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