At my son's kindergarten half the kids are sick with Chicken Pox today so my son would definitely have been exposed to the virus and is very likely to develop the chicken pox. Neither of my kids have had chicken pox yet. I had chicken pox as a baby.

Here in NZ the chicken pox vaccine is not part of the routine(free) vaccine schedule so my kids have not been vaccinated against it. In four years we have had several times when we have been on Chicken pox watch for several weeks.

I am aware that the infectous period starts prior to the spots appearing. Previously when the kids have been exposed to the virus I have been wary about going to groups of kids. Quite frustrating given the incubation period is 10-24 days.

My questions are:

  • What are the early signs that my kids are developing Chicken pox?
  • What are the main symptoms?
  • Should I stay away from groups of kids (not kindergarten) in case my kids might be in the early stages of Chicken pox?
  • How long should I isolate a child with Chicken Pox for?
  • Any tips for coping with the chicken pox(just in case)?

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Some children dont show any symptoms until the spots apear, the spots normally apear first on the trunk of the body and spread outwards. Some children are covered from head to toe in spots others just a few. Chickenpox is contagious untill the last spot has crusted over can vary dependending on the severity of the case. Calomine lotion is good for easing the itchyness. You can still vaccinate against chickenpox even if you suspect your child may be incubating, it wont neccesarily prevent them from devloping but does lessen the severity. This is a handy chickenpox factsheet


answered 25 Mar '10, 16:43

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Phil Seller
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@Phil thanks for all the great information. Could you provide some reference to where you learned it?

(26 Mar '10, 02:03) Tammy ♦♦

@ Tammy i'm afraid i dont have a reference as its just knowledge ive picked up from nurses and doctor's i work with at a private hospital in the UK where the chickenpox vaccine is given.

(26 Mar '10, 06:51) Phil Seller

@Phil Seller: Are you sure you can't do a little research to back up these claims? Please see our back-it-up principle:

(26 Mar '10, 09:50) Scott ♦♦

@Phil I understand, thanks for finding the fact sheet.

(26 Mar '10, 19:08) Tammy ♦♦

The first indication that my oldest had Chickenpox was when he vomited all over my Dad's feet on Christmas Eve when he was 4. He then proceeded to throwup about every 45 minutes all night. (He's a puker, if anything at all is wrong with him, up everything in his stomach comes!) I swear, I've never been so happy to see my ex-husband in my life as I was when he came to pick them up at noon that Christmas (sleep... I needed sleep!) The spots showed up on his tummy on Boxing Day.

My second oldest had a slight fever a week later, and then the spots showed up on him about 2 days later, too.

I've had my 2 younger ones immunized against Chickenpox, I don't actually care if they get Chickenpox, I just know enough adults who've had Shingles and been in terrible pain from them and don't want them to be at risk for it.


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In addition to the spots, my kids all had a temperature. The first signs were them getting tired and grouchy, like they do before they get a cold.


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