I was wondering what the traditions around the world are when a new baby is born.

In Belgium and The Netherlands, we have the tradition to put a wooden white stork in the frontgarden.

(in the old days, it was told a white stork brought the babies at home)


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asked 25 Mar '10, 09:40

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The stork is also a tradition here in Austria.

(25 Mar '10, 09:49) brandstaetter

In the Netherlands we eat "Beschuit met muisjes", hard round bread with sugared anise seeds on top. Blue/White when a boy is born or Pink/White when a girls is born.

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answered 27 Mar '10, 17:15

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Indian Tradition:

When my sister gave birth to his first son we called our relatives to see the baby... Then there would be a meeting with the parents of the baby and people would ask them what name they had decide for the baby...

After that they ll say that name in the ears of the baby three times and i consider this as one of a tradition in india...

Jatakarma is the samskar, or sacrament, performed immediately after birth. A mantra is repeated to the child, often having to do with peace and/or the generation of talent. The new father welcomes and blesses his child, and may feed him or her with a small taste of ghee (clarified butter).

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answered 25 Mar '10, 09:50

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In the United States it is often common for friends & family to bring food to the family for the first week or so after the baby is born to help out the new parents.

They are commonly organized by friends at churches, work places or neighbors.

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answered 10 Apr '10, 08:07

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There is an old tradition, at least in North America, of the father handing out cigars in celebration. I remember seeing it when I was a child, but I have not seen it done recently though.

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answered 10 Apr '10, 17:30

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My sister's partner handed out cigars when their baby was born. So, it's still done!

(10 Apr '10, 22:58) cat_g

Another tradition:

the father goes out with his friends and drinks a lot of beer.

It's is said this is needed to remove strabismus from the baby's eyes.

It's called 't scheel er af drinken (remove strabimus by drinking)

Ofcourse it's just an excuse to go a few beers, but it's just fun :-)

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answered 13 Apr '10, 12:39

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