When is the 'right' time to give a child their first haircut?

Some people are telling me to get it cut because it's untidy, others because it'll grow fuller and thicker when the 'baby-fluff' is cut out, but still more advice is just to leave it, as it's fine/doesn't do damage being long/still looks like a boy. Is there actually an ideal time to get it out of the way, the first time?

Also, is it better to have hair cut when young to try and get them used to the idea, so they don't cause havoc when older (I remember running round and round the room in circles, screaming and yelling, when I was young and taken to a hairdressers!)

asked 26 Mar '10, 12:21

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pete the pagan-gerbil
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+1 Good question. I have been asking myself the same thing lately.

(26 Mar '10, 19:06) Tammy ♦♦

Just to keep this up-to-date - we got his hair cut a couple of months before his second birthday, because it was getting in his eyes and bothering him. Not something I'd considered six months earlier, asking this question!

(28 Nov '10, 18:14) pete the pagan-gerbil

Is there actually an ideal time to get it out of the way, the first time?

No, it's just hair. There are no detrimental effects to letting it grow long, or trimming it early.

We just trimmed our 1 year old because his hair was growing over his ears and I personally didn't like it. Nothing big - just trim the hair around the ears. Our kids are born practically bald, and his hair is just now covering his head, so it may be longer for us than others. A few quick snips with scissors, and job done.

However, we cut our kid's hair, so you might be thinking more along the lines of when it's appropriate to take them to a barber or hair stylist.

I think the rule is still the same - when the hair doesn't look good or fit the style you want them to have.

But you should call your stylist/barber and chat with them. I understand they usually have the parent hold the baby in their lap, and the first few hair cuts are typically not much more than very little trims to get the baby used to the process. After doing that for awhile they will probably be used to it.

Also, is it better to have hair cut when young to try and get them used to the idea, so they don't cause havoc when older?

I don't know. I've heard parents talk about this, and it seems that even children who are used to it go through stages or phases where they don't like it and/or simply act crazy.

I suggest that since getting a haircut is a quiet (physically) activity, one should pay attention to when their child is normally quiet (maybe just after a nap or meal, etc) and try to schedule appointments for that period.

Another options is to take them to a stylist that specializes in children. My wife has taken them (usually before photos and family gatherings) to one shop nearby that has video games the kids can play while having their hair cut.


answered 26 Mar '10, 15:03

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I agree with everything Adam said, but would like to add a warning. Babies seem to instantly morph into children after their first haircut, and I've know a couple of Daddies who took their little boys for haircuts as a "surprise" for Mommy. Unfortunately Mommy's reaction was to burst into tears and run sobbing to the bedroom.
So, learn from my brother-in-law and his brothers example, and make sure you discuss this big step with your partner before you make a trip to the barber shop or stylist.
(You'd think after the debacle with his nephew, my brother-in-law would have know better, wouldn't you?)


answered 27 Mar '10, 04:39

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Thanks, this was something I was considering... because I think his hair is a total mess, and my wife... does not. Thanks for the warning!

(28 Mar '10, 13:33) pete the pagan-gerbil
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