My sister's son started playing snake games in my mobile phone some two months ago... Now he is addicted to it... Does the mobile phone distract him from his studies? Any other alternative for mobile games?

asked 27 Mar '10, 07:56

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Pandiya Chendur
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Meg Stephenson

I gave my 7 yr old a Cell phone one of those pay as you go kinds. we Make earn her minutes and if she had her homework done she gets to play games on her phone. My three yr old we bought one of those Leap Frog Leapster they are great. The Game that come with them are educational and the older they get you can increase the level of the game. I love technology and kids these days are growing up with it why not use it to teach them. Here is the site to find out about them.


answered 27 Mar '10, 21:59

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Seems pretty easy to manage to me -- if you don't let them play with the phone unless their homework/studies are done for the day, then it won't interfere. Same with socializing, getting enough physical activity, doing chores around the house, etc.


answered 29 Mar '10, 04:11

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