my 1 year old daughter is still eating puree. but she can eat biscuits and has tooth so she can chew a little bit.

i want to know when she can eat like adults. I mean when can she eat what i eat.


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You may find some of the resources posted in response to this question helpful:

(31 Mar '10, 15:14) Scottie T

The information on introducing solids that we are given in NZ says "From 12 months – (when baby feeds self easily with fingers): Give them small amounts of the same food your family eats. Try to have some meals together as a family. Family mealtimes are important for your baby’s learning and development." quote from this leaflet

With my older child it was probably around one that we started to give him some of what we eating depending on what it was we were eating. I.e mince, stews, fish pie but not curry or steak.By 15 months we probably would eat the same food for dinner most of the time.

Our second child was probably earlier as we were in the habit of eating as a family and making meals that suited the kids.

There are still somethings like salad I know my daughter(nearly 2) wont eat so I don't force the issue. Just put small amount on the plate along with other food.


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+1 for "Family meal times"

(01 Apr '10, 08:12) Emi

Our 18 month old daughter has been eating basically what we eat for several months. We started with about half and half, and slowly stopped giving her the baby food.

Just to add - we started with finger foods like rice crispies and cheerios around 7 months and as Scott said transitioned between the two from there. I made most of her baby food myself with our blender ( has some great tips and recipes) and she never ended up liking jarred Junior food. So at that point, from about 9 months, she would eat "real" food. Not always exactly the same meal (it's still the same to this date) but adapted to the foods she was/is able to eat for her age.


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+1 I agree with the slow transition from baby to normal food!

(01 Apr '10, 08:12) Emi

You can offer her bits of food off your plate during dinner, but it may take a few months for her to transition completely. My son was still eating some jarred food at 17 months.


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Both my girls started eating the same stuff as we did around 12 to 15 months. They just get smaller bites so that they don't choke. There is some stuff that I wont offer until way older.


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Our boy is 12mos and has been eating the same things as the rest of the family for at least a couple of months now. He has just cut his third tooth.

Basically he can eat anything that he can gnaw on with his gums. Things that are a challenge for him include tortillas, apples and carrots (I grate them instead), and lettuce. He refuses all purees, cereals, yogurt, or anything from a spoon.

Most things I cut up into small bites that are appropriate sizes, and if it's something like chicken I shred it enough that it's not a big chunk. If it's too small he's unable to pick it up with his little hands. He can manage steak, chicken wings, ribs, veggies, toast, cheese, berries, melon, most cereals, and of course the perennial favourite - noodles!


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There are two slightly different questions here: when can she start eating what you eat in addition to her normal puree, and when will she stop eating puree and only eat the same as you.

By one year she should be safe sampling what you're having, with a few caveats:

  • too much salt is bad for babies. If you're used to cooking with salt, try leaving it out, and adding it to your own plate when you eat. To start with this will taste bland, but you'll probably get used to it. These days I a lot of food too salty, which is probably good for me too.

  • there's no need to cut it up small if she's only sampling things. Picking things up with her hands and chewing is a useful skill. Once she starts taking adult food as a major portion of her diet you'll probably want to cut it up so she eats more efficiently.

  • your local medical advice might suggest some foods, like peanuts or honey, that you should avoid for a while longer.

  • some foods are just too difficult to handle. Lettuce is one, at least for our little one.

On the positive side, eating the same foods is lovely as it helps you include your daughter in your normal meal times.

It's quite possible to let her sample the food you're eating from before 12 months; see the baby-led weaning question that Scottie T linked to ( for more information.

The other half of the question is when you can expect her to stop eating purees, and from the outside, this is harder to answer. If she's been sampling the food you're eating, though, you'll have a good idea how she's getting on with it, and you'll be able to reduce the amount of puree you make for her as she gets more experience of eating adult food. At this stage you always have the option of pureeing a little of what you're eating and giving her that, if some times she's less interested in adult food than others.


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