Looking for an April fools prank I can put together by tomorrow morning.

asked 01 Apr '10, 01:01

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+1 Good idea for a question! (my 5 and a half year old reminded me yesterday that today is "play jokes on each other day")

(01 Apr '10, 08:15) Emi

Completely forgot it was April 1st. It is now 2pm on 1 April in NZ so too late. A couple suggestions: -give them coloured food for breakfast or serve dinner type food at breakfast time. -rearrange furniture so the breakfast table is in a different room for example. -Dress weirdly


answered 01 Apr '10, 01:48

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+1 for fun ideas!

(01 Apr '10, 08:17) Emi

You could try the French approach: try to turn them into "April Fish". This involves tagging them with a cut-out Fish (without them noticing). Search for "Poisson d'Avril" on Wikipedia.


answered 01 Apr '10, 04:13

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Peter K.
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+1 I remember this from school! Very innocent and fun for children!

(01 Apr '10, 08:16) Emi

If you have a family dog or cat, you could rub some Tootsie Rolls between your hands to lengthen and shape them. Then leave them around the house as if your pet had pooped on the couch or whatever. Its even better if your target watches you pick one up with your bare hand and eat it.


answered 01 Apr '10, 04:32

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Gross and really funny!!!!

(02 Apr '10, 02:11) Mary

+1 This made me laugh out loud.

(08 Apr '10, 14:07) cat_g
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