I spend a lot of time following my baby around when she's crawling on the grass and when she picks up a leaf or rock I either take it out of her hand before she puts it in her mouth or I put my hand over her mouth so she tries to put it into the back of my hand not realizing that her mouth is not accessible.

So that got me thinking that it would be pretty neat if there were a face-mask for babies so that they couldn't put all that stuff in their mouths. Does such a thing exist? If not, what other solutions are there?

asked 01 Apr '10, 01:48

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I don't think such a thing as a baby mask exists for the purposes you are speaking about. The following question and answers can be of use to you. http://moms4mom.com/questions/4649/outdoor-safety-for-an-older-infant

(01 Apr '10, 08:59) Emi

You could put mitts on them. That leads to lots of entertainment watching them try to pick stuff up.


answered 01 Apr '10, 09:43

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+1 brilliantly remembered!

(01 Apr '10, 09:59) Emi

+1 What a great idea!

(01 Apr '10, 11:56) cat_g

That's not a bad idea to achieve the objective but I want her to be able to pick things up and improve her fine motor skills. Mitts would work but deny her that development skill (briefly for that period of time) and only provide adult amusement.

(02 Apr '10, 17:33) Guy

When our now 2yo was crawling, I wondered about this too (the problem, not the mask). In the end, I just let him get on with it, only stopping him when he put things in his mouth that I saw as a choking hazard.

Obviously it depends on where they are crawling, but the outside gets washed pretty often by the rain, and although it's a bit muddy it's not always unhygienic.


answered 02 Apr '10, 17:47

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Babies use their mouths to learn about different touch sensations and their sense of taste is not nearly as sensitive as ours. From my experience if they are not eating anything harmful or poisonous then its the best way to let them explore. If its somethng solid like a marble then remove and use a strong "NO"... you will have to repeat this a million times but eventually they will get the message. Also exposure to everyday "germs" helps build their immune system.


answered 02 Apr '10, 18:41

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You just have to stay on top of it. I think it could be dangerous to have your baby wear a face mask. They might just go for the other option if their mouth is covered there is their nose!!


answered 01 Apr '10, 04:42

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True but I was thinking of one of those air pollution masks that adults wear that cover both mouth and nose - but obviously baby size and more secure. That way it won't obstruct breathing either.

(02 Apr '10, 17:31) Guy
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