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My husband and I both love football. The problem is that he's a Patriots fan and I'm an Eagles fan. We live in Massachusetts. How do we raise our 2 kids? Are we obligated by geography to raise them both Pats fans? Is it selfish of me to want 1 of them to be an Eagles fan? Do they have to root for the same team? I'm happy to have them both be Red Sox and Celtics fans. Anyone have any experience raising a child as a fan of a non-local sporting team?

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I have two kids that cheer for fierce rivals (for those that need to know, it's Flames v. Canucks). It makes watching the games WAY more fun, so long as nothing no one gets too personal in their 'smack talk'. It's conflict that makes watching ANY sport interesting!

Given our location, my younger child (the Flames fan), just needs to have a bit of a tough skin to put up with the hassles he gets at school :)

All in all, I think it is a great life lesson to be able to stick to 'your team'. Loyalty is getting more and more difficult to find these days, and I think it should be encouraged!


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Well that's easy, OILERS! ;)

(01 Oct '09, 08:20) kurtseifried
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