Our son is currently 10 months and eats fruits, vegetables and meat during the day. In the morning and at night he usually still gets some breast-time.

We heard rumors that you should not give (follow-up) formula while still breastfeeding. Is there something to that rumor?

clarification: We got some free samples and were wondering if these were ok to use. Using the bottle is no problem, he is used to it (tea and breast milk).

asked 02 Apr '10, 19:09

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Can I have a little clarification? Have you been supplimenting with formula and are wondering about the follow-up formula, or are you just wondering about supplimenting at all? Oh, and is there a reason to start supplimenting now?

(03 Apr '10, 00:24) Neen

I'm just wonderin about supplementing. The reason is that we have some small sachets we got for free and sometimes it would be cool if the mother could get some away time and our son could still get some milk in the morning.

(03 Apr '10, 09:27) brandstaetter

Do you give your 10mo tea in a bottle? I've not heard of that before and I'm interested.

(06 Apr '10, 02:25) Scottie T

He got some tea in the bottle some time ago, currently he mostly drinks from a sippy cup when not breastfeeding.

(06 Apr '10, 05:42) brandstaetter

I supplemented all 3 my kids with formula while still breastfeeding, esp at night and when going out. As long as you find a formula that works for your little one I dont see any reason why not. At 10 months he may be ready to start weaning from the breast anyway. Don't spend a fortune on bottles, start by just buying one and a small tin of formula in case he doesn't take to that type of bottle or formula...it can be a little bit of trial and error... but give it a good few days for him to get used to. Good Luck.


answered 02 Apr '10, 19:15

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mamma hubba
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My doctor told me supplement with formula when my daughter wasn't gaining enough weight.

(03 Apr '10, 00:49) mkcoehoorn

So is it a problem to supplement with follow-up formula? We got some free samples and were wondering if these were ok to use.

(03 Apr '10, 09:42) brandstaetter

I would think that they are fine esp as they are just suplementing what he is already getting and not replacing and he seems to be having quite a comprehnsive solid diet. Just try them early on in the day so that if they dont agree with him for some or other reason you dont spend the night with a fussy baby. My little one was on a follow-on-formula at 3 months already because of allergies and was fine.

(04 Apr '10, 12:51) mamma hubba

Not sure from your question if for some reason you need to start giving formula or you are looking to change to a different formula. If you haven't been giving your baby a bottle (formula or expressed milk) beware that by 10 months both my breastfeed kids would not take a bottle (from mummy or another else). As a newborn they both had a bottle (express milk mainly) on occasion.

It was tricky as we needed to leave our 12 month with my sister overnight. We both survived that experience and she went on to breast feed for another 6 months.

I would try offering it in a feeding cup or some other form of toddler drinking cup.


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+1 K D This was pretty much exactly what I was going to say. None of my kids would ever take a bottle at all (as my ex used to say "why drinked bottled when you've got it fresh on tap!"), they all weaned straight to a sippy-cup.

(03 Apr '10, 04:41) Neen

He accepts the bottle easily. We gave tea as well as pumped (frozen) breastmilk before without problems... So that is not the issue.

(03 Apr '10, 09:31) brandstaetter

Oh, good, I thought maybe you guys had started having trouble with nursing. The only thing I could find that would make me pause is that followup formula is sometimes sweetened with corn syrup, but if the samples you have arn't, I can't see any reason why not to use them if Mommy needs to be away.


answered 04 Apr '10, 00:21

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Yes! It's ok to rarely, or even commonly, give formula even though you still breastfeed. And in fact, the reason you mention -- it's nice to give mom a break or allow dad to do it when mom isn't there or is asleep -- is extremely legitimate.

There are some who will point out that breast milk is better than formula. Yes. But also well-rested parents are better for the baby than stressed out parents. Formula feeding giving dad more one-on-one time is also good for the baby. And so on. If occasional (or even regular) formula feeding helps accomplish these or other benefits to the family, it may be a big net win. Optimal nutrition is just one of many goals you have as a family.

Especially if you've breastfed all along, and the baby is mostly on solid food now (and may be close to self-weaning anyway, as mine did at about 10 months), it seems to me that there's an extremely marginal benefit left to be had by being dogmatic about exclusively breastfeeding.


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There are two potential issues with giving both:

  1. Breast milk is created on demand, but the capacity (daily available amount) is also regulated by how much is actually consumed/expressed. If you substitute too much the supply could get less and you might not be able to get back to 100% breast milk.

  2. The child might decide he likes formula better than breast milk. This is not very likely as breast milk does actually taste better in my opinion. Also a 10 month old is old enough to drink what is served, and might give a fuss but that is a battle of wills, not an instinctive reaction (that you can't work against) like with younger babies.


answered 14 Apr '10, 12:16

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