I need some help getting my 8 yr old daughter interested in Sports. I am not looking for her to go to the Olympics or anything but I want her to try and Not Give up when It is Hard. Any Advice

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Do you or anyone else in your family play sports (individual or team)? I find that our two are interested the most in the sports that my husband and I play. They come and watch us all the time. They also tend to try/imitate any sport that we follow as a spectator (hockey is the biggie here).

Are there any sports that you can play together that she might enjoy? Either formally or informally (ie at the park, kicking a ball around, playing pass). This might help encourage her to keep trying if it is hard - if it is hard for mommy but she keeps trying.

Has she expressed an interest in trying any new sports? Encourage it, whenever possible!


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+1 for involving your children in your sports!

(04 Apr '10, 07:03) Emi

I like Krista s answer very much and agree that exposure to sports like that is natural and healthy. But if you are not a sporty family I can understand that perhaps it can be harder for children to be interested.

Could you check the school curriculum and see which sports they are doing at school and at which intervals.. and then discuss that with you daughter. Sometimes kids can be cruel and this can make sports lessons emotionally demanding for children who are not "as athletic" as others. Just to be on the safe side I would dance around the topic with her to see if the problem is with the classes and not the actual sport itself.

If she is just not a sporty child, then perhaps a way to encourage her you could just talk about the benefits of it, and talk about all the different varieties of sports and see if there is any in particular that get her excited.

Good luck!


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What worked for me was to let the older kids try everything they expressed even the slightest interst in. We asked them for a 6 month commitment, and told them that if I was going to pay for it, they'd better take it seriously. Then if they truely hated it, (not just, "I don't feel like going", but bawling and pleading when it was time to go) I'd let them off the hook.

Some things are a lot of fun for some people, but not for others, and sometimes you don't know that until you get into the "hard" part. But when they find the thing that they love to do, the "hard" part is when it really gets fun!

They played basketball, soccer, took fencing lessons, archery lessons, karate, played lacross, rock climbing lessons, mountain biking (which is their Dad's passion) and now they both play rugby and my 16 year old plays ultimate frisbee, they go rock climbing with their cousin, and they still go biking with their Dad (I've never been able to get past the "this hurts my butt" part of mountain biking, or that it's kinda an oxymoron to mountain bike in Manitoba, sigh).

My oldest is more of a solitary person, so fencing and archery were the things he loved best (he likes rugby because people bounce off and fall down when they try to tackle him, which he finds infinetely amusing), my 16 year old is more social so ultimate frisbee is right up his alley. I have a nephew who plays soccer at the national level, one who loves racketball, a "princess" niece who wrestles completively and another niece who hunted out an open ice skating rink on her vacation in Australia last month. Once they find what they love, you just have to get out of their way. (And really, the niece who wrestles? Eighteen and still a total princess, never could have seen that one coming!)

So, I'd think about your daughters basic personality traits, and then gently steer her into trying lots and lots of things until she finds the one that clicks and becomes something she'll probably love all of her life (and try not to look too surprised if it's roller-derby or wrestling!).


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