My nearly two year old has had a tummy bug in the past couple of days. She only threw up a couple of times (this was at the start of her bug) but has had a few interesting nappies. She has spent a lot of her day lying on me (so passed her bug on to mum) and then will play for a little while before coming back to lie on mummy. My main concern is that she isn't really eating anything although she is drinking water.

My questions are:

  • what foods should I offer her?

  • for future reference what could I do to prevent her passing on her bug to me or any other member of the family. (I was being really careful with handwashing and I have lots of toys that have been soaked in santising solution)

  • Any tips for cleaning a cot mattress that smells.

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She is back to normal today but thanks for the suggestions and comments.

(05 Apr '10, 08:25) K D

When our daughter had a stomach bug our doctor recommended avoiding giving her foods until the vomiting and diarrhea subsided. He also recommended Pedialyte. He said if she appeared to be hungry start off with broth and jello for calories.


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Poor little thing, looks like she really lost her appetite. I would consult with your pediatrician, in case she requires medication as well.

In response to your questions;

  • I would give her bland foods to line and fill her stomach like boiled mashed potatoes and rice and even plain pasta without any sauce and continue drinking water. For the morning dry toasted bread could be an option as well. ( we found that when we have used bananas, that tends to quickly eradicate the runs)

  • I am not too sure how one can avoid bugs of this kind passing around the family, seems to me like you are already being very careful with the toys. If you have more than one child you could try to make sure they try to avoid using each others towels or face cloths, each others dining utensils and sneezing in each others faces and sharing beds.

  • I would air the cot mattress outside for a couple of hours, and if the cot does not have a protective mattress cover it could be a good time to invest in one now. If it does and you have boil washed it and the smell is still there, maybe you could think about replacing it and keeping the soiled one as a spare. (In the mean time you could keep airing it...the smell will probably eventually disappear)


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A mixture of Bicarbonate of soda and water into a paste and applied onto the smelly area and then brushed off when dry worked wonders on puke smells when with my kids, it may just work for you.

(04 Apr '10, 12:43) mamma hubba

+1 @mamma hubba - That'll get the smell out of you sofa too! :)

(04 Apr '10, 18:55) Neen

@mamma hubba & @Neen Wow thats pretty great to know about the Bicarboante of soda and water!

(06 Apr '10, 07:30) Emi

See your doctor if you're worried.

Ensure that they get plenty of fluids. When our kids had a really bad case, the only thing they could keep down was a drink of Pedialyte (which our doctor recommended).

As for foods, our kids liked grated apple.


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