For the last week or so, my son has greeted me each morning with a major mess of poo. He is in the middle of the weight range for his diapers and we are working on modifying his diet to solve the problem long term. But until the dietary changes have time to work, does anyone have suggestions for how to limit the mess and its spread in the mornings?

Also he's not quite ready to be potty-trained so that isn't an option in this case.

asked 06 Apr '10, 13:55

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It's not quite the same question but maybe some of these respones could be helpful

(06 Apr '10, 15:51) Tammy ♦♦

Those are some of the ways I'm handling the clean-up. But at the moment I'm looking for ways to prevent the blow-out.

(06 Apr '10, 15:58) mkcoehoorn

My second oldest did that for awhile when he was little. Lovely start to the day isn't it? Ugh. I put him in diapers one size up from what he was wearing at the time just for bedtime and that pretty much took care of the blow-outs. (Yeah, they were way too big on him and looked kinda funny, but the extra room and absorbancy were just the ticket.)

Hope this helps, 'cause that was one that I really, really hated. (I'm not a morning person at the best of times, getting up and getting to deal with a hugh poopy mess, not good at all!)


answered 06 Apr '10, 17:01

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+1: We did the same thing (moved up a size just for night-time) for my daughter when she was constantly waking up wet. I think the position in which they sleep can sometimes lead to diaper failures (in her case - on her stomach, bum in the air made the diaper leak out the front.)

(06 Apr '10, 17:39) Kate

I think so too Kate, but, oh, arn't they adorable when they sleep like wee turtles!

(06 Apr '10, 17:55) Neen

We have had this a few times. Two things I have done is:

  • put the normal nappy on with one of her big brothers nappy on over top. I found that if I put a bigger nappy on it just leaks out the side as I can't get it tight enough around the legs.

  • As we use cloth nappies as well as disposables I have put an cloth overnappy over top (these are the old stye ones). You do have to wash the overnapy but it saves the clothes and bedding.

Hope this helps.


answered 06 Apr '10, 23:53

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