Today is my oldest's 18th birthday! Hooray! But I'm struggling with what to get him to signify his passage into adulthood. I've written him a letter telling him how proud I am, and have always been, to have the priveledge of being his Mom and I've gotten him a hardcover copy of his favorite book, but I'm wondering if any of you got significant gifts as young adults that meant a lot to you and I could use for inspiration?


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Tammy ♦♦

I honestly can't remember if I got a present, but the big deal for me at 18 was getting my driving licence!

(07 Apr '10, 10:43) Benjol

Hmm, I didn't really feel like an adult until my eldest called me Dad. Probably not helpful though, sorry.

(07 Apr '10, 10:44) pipthegeek

@pipthegeek, lol, really? I still wonder sometimes who the hell thought it was a good idea to leave me in charge! (My older kids gave me a t-shirt once that read "Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult".)

(08 Apr '10, 06:24) Neen

On my 18th, I got a set of pots and pans. I didn't really appreciate them at the time, but 18 years later, I sure do now.


answered 07 Apr '10, 01:35

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A Safe-Deposit box would show that you trust him to make good decisions, and would make life easier when he moves out.


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The only thing I can think of is a bill for rent. :) And the ability to vote I guess...


answered 08 Apr '10, 22:17

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Scott ♦♦
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Lol, yeah, it's starting to look like that's what he'll get too! Arrgh, this is way harder than deciding what to get him for his 17th birthday!

(08 Apr '10, 23:32) Neen

@Neen: At least you're giving it some thought. I remember thinking, when I was about to turn 18, how uneventful it was. At 16 you get your license here, and at 19 you can drink. 17 has nothing and at 18 you can vote. Woo-hoo (there wasn't even an election that year).

(09 Apr '10, 09:53) Scott ♦♦

@Scott, when I went to wake him up on his birthday, I first pelted him with whatever soft was laying around in reach and then asked what he was going to do that day, he rolled on his back and put his hands behind his head and said, "I'm gonna skip school and write my own note, go get a credit card, go to the bar and get drunk, then go get a tattoo and somewhere unmentionable pierced, and then go vote for the Green Party." By the time he said "unmentionable" I'd had to sit down I was laughing so hard! What he actually did was get up, shower, and go to school.

(11 Apr '10, 06:07) Neen

@Neen: haha, that's hilarious!

(11 Apr '10, 12:55) Scott ♦♦

I don't remember my 18th birthday, but for my 21st, my parents bought me a pair of pearl earrings and 21 red roses. I'm guessing your son might not like either of these, but a nice watch or other piece of significant jewelry could be a "welcome to adulthood" gift.


answered 07 Apr '10, 03:11

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18 is like 21 here, old enough to vote and drink in the bar. yikes. :)

(07 Apr '10, 04:19) Neen

Oh, and my ex-husband gave him his grandfathers watch, or I probably would have.

(08 Apr '10, 06:21) Neen
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