Nowdays people are sending their kids to pre school/fun school.... I would like to get some pros and cons when choosing pre school/fun school by our users of moms4mom.....

  • Should i look at the infrastructure?
  • How well they take care of my child?

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+1 Nice question !

(09 Apr '10, 05:15) Emi

I think it is true there is a lot of emphasis been given to pre-school these days, and I believe that more and more countries are promoting earlier education now because of the benefits.

I would recommend that you first are clear with what you think you may want from a such a school as a parent. I say this because clever marketing and designer looking Pre-schools with equally expensive prices can seem overwhelming and even a bit deceiving.

  1. Look at your budget and see what is available in your range.

  2. To make the best choice for you and your child, you may like to concentrate on schools close to your home or your work place.

  3. Visit the school and look at the site, ask questions and try to speak with parents whose children attend the school. (This answer by Liz H lists the sort of questions you could ask.)

  4. Compare Pre-school policies and read all the regulations. (In my experience the more upmarket the school the more inflexible their approach is, ie some of the more expensive pre schools required that the child be potty trained, for me this was something strange and showed inflexibility)

  5. Compare curriculum s Playtime / Outdoor time / Nap time / (they tend to vary slightly but not as much as I had thought they would)

  6. Try to find out about staff/teacher rotation. (We had friends with children who attended well known pre schools but were always unhappy because the teachers changed so frequently)

The pros for choosing a regular pre school close by

  • Easy to drop of and collect if close to your home
  • You are not burdened with huge fees
  • Your child will be making friends, playing and learning.
  • Fun activities in mother tongue language with no pressure to learn English

The cons

  • If you are a bilingual family, you are not exposing your child to the other language.

In my experience, I think the the period of pre school is all about playing, sharing, making friends, and learning in a safe but fun environment. Regular routines like playing "outdoors" "tidy up time" and being with children of a similar age are great in my opinion and you can see the development in children who attend pre schools early on, and I think that this is a good thing.

The varied answers to the following questions could also be useful for you, I think;

What type of daycare is the best ?

Montessori or not

Full day Kindergarten


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As some one who runs a Preschool I say make lots of visits at different times of the day to see how the school works and ask lots of questions. The points everyone is making are great points to consider. But the truth is you also go on the gut feeling you get when you walk inside the building. You are entrusting them with the one thing you value most in life, your child. So make sure you trust the place and that they have an open door policy.


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Like the question. The easiest way to answer it is to explain why we decided on the place we did.

It would appear there are two different reasons for looking at daytime care for your preschoolers. One that both parents are working so need someone to look after the children and those where one parent is available to look after the children but they want their children to have time outside of the home environment before they are in the school system. The two have similar needs but is one reason why there is so many different option. We are in the second situation. I am at home with the kids.

In NZ the government provides funding for 20 free hours for 3 and 4 year olds so cost was not a factor.

Our son is at a Kindergarten. There is about 40 kids aged 3 and 4 with four teachers who have a three year qualification. Parents are encouraged to come and do parent help once a term. He is there for 3 hours four mornings a week. During the 3 hours they have 2 periods of structure mat time, a set morning tea time (we provide his morning tea) and the rest of the time there is a variety of play activities set up.

Reasons for chosing it/I would recommend it:

  • The time suited us. Lots of the local kindergartens 3 year old started at an afternoon session. This didn't suit with the kids having afternoon sleeps. Another place we considered he would have gone for 6 hours each day which was more than I was wanting.
  • It was local. Other kids from there will go to the school he will go to.
  • We know other people who have sent their kids there and they say good things about it.
  • There is some form of structure. Good preparation for school
  • During one of the mat time they divided into groups based on the age of the kids and do activities aimed at those kids.
  • Its main focus is that kids learn through play and they foster that by providing a large variety of play activities.
  • It had a good outside space. There is also a covered outside space for when the weather isn't the best but it is not really cold.
  • Teachers make you feel welcome and are willing to talk about issues/questions that I have.
  • My son loves it. He can't understand why it isn't on during the holidays. And I think that is probably the most importanting thing for me.

Since our son started there has been a change in the options for the hours so if we want to he could go one or two days a week for six hours instead of 3. We might take up this option closer to him starting school.


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