I discovered this sci-fi novel after college and thought that it could've changed my perception about a lot of things early on if I've read the book during my early years. I'm wondering if other people feel the same thing with regards to the book.

asked 11 Apr '10, 20:08

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Great question. I love that book but I discovered it in college. I think I would have loved it as a girl too but there's no way to know.

(12 Apr '10, 20:51) Anne

That's an interesting question.

I don't think I'd have a problem with my children reading it an any age - in other words there's nothing in there that shouldn't be explored at a young age.

I expect it's not a book they'd read more than once as a youth, though, so I'd be interested in encouraging them to read it when it might make the most impact.

However, I don't want them to read it out of a sense of duty to me.

I have some time this summer, I might actually be able to read a few books. I might pick it up and read through it, which should pique their interest, then I can put it next to their various books. I have an 8 year old and 10 year old that I think this might appeal to.


answered 12 Apr '10, 01:25

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Adam Davis
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My kids read all of the "Ender" books when they were 10 and 11. They've re-read them dozens of times since. (When the iPad came out they both went "ooohh, just like Ender!)


answered 12 Apr '10, 05:31

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The iPad/Ender connection didn't occur to me, but when my husband brought home an iPod Touch I commented on haw we are now living in the Star Wars novels.

(12 Apr '10, 14:28) mkcoehoorn

I have a friend who calls flip phones "communicators" cause he's a Star Trek nerd, the kind that's just short of dressing up and going to cons. :)

(12 Apr '10, 15:19) Neen

Yes, I first read it in my thirties if you can believe that. I would think Ender's Game itself would be appropriate as long as they could read. Some of the sequels are a bit more adult - maybe teenage?


answered 12 Apr '10, 09:47

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Scott ♦♦
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I read it for the first time when the boys did, so I was in my 30's too.

(20 Apr '10, 07:15) Neen
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