I've heard that some people do not heat up the baby food or other food for babies. The food is always cold, straight from the refrigerator. Is this healthy?

asked 13 Apr '10, 04:39

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Pandiya Chendur
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I never heated up bought baby food that was in a sealed jar or can. Mostly this was a convenience factor as they mainly had bought food when we were out. The jars said something like heat if desired.

With pureed food I had prepared at home the advice I was given (trying to find a reference) to heat it up so it was piping hot and leave it to cool so that it didn't burn their mouth. The reason for heating it up was food safety issue.

My son (nearly 4) wont touch hot food, only cool food. His dinner goes in the fridge to cool down. My nearly 2 year old daughter will eat it at a warmer temperature.

I still reheat and then cool down food that is not freshly prepared (i.e the previous day).


answered 13 Apr '10, 06:50

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+1 for heating well and then cooling down.

(13 Apr '10, 16:04) Emi

My kids will also only cold or lukewarm food....so i also heat up and cool down if its not freshly prepared. I don't mind cold food either so maybe its just a familial thing?

(14 Apr '10, 16:10) mamma hubba

I personally cannot say whether serving cold food is healthy or not, and I think that this is something that could even be considered as individual preferences.

I never served anything cold, that was not supposed to be cold, because that was something I personally didn't agree with.

For food safety issues I would, like K D, always heat or cook the food properly and then let it cool down. I served tepid soups to begin with and worked up to a warmer temperature that my daughter was comfortable with slowly.


answered 13 Apr '10, 16:23

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I will not serve anything to my son that I would not eat (and enjoy) myself. And I don't like to eat food that should be warm cold.

(14 Apr '10, 05:51) brandstaetter

For our both sons we hardly gave them cold food, or those factory prepared pots. In the early months (6+ months of age) we would give them food we prepared specifically for them and then pureed (tastes much better). My wife bought a book by Annabel Karmel with nice recipes. Our youngest one at about 10+ months insisted on eating the same food as everyone else so he got that (when safe) and only cut in smaller pieces to make it easier for him.

In general the trick with the special food was to prepare quite a lot and then put it in the freezer (those Avent baby milk containers are perfectly sized for that), defrost it in the morning in the fridge for an evening meal, and heat it up in the microwave. Once a baby is used to solids and you have fed him/her for a couple of months you can normally just puree the family meal with some baby milk (either breast milk or formula) or water (the liquid is needed to make it a puree).

The thing about heating for me is basically that babies have a sense of taste too and they should be given tasty food at a nice temperature. In general babies like the food to be warmed so if possible give warm food warmed.


answered 14 Apr '10, 11:56

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