We have a baby gate and it's the type that sits in the doorway and presses itself against the door frame to hold itself in place. Unfortunately it leaves marks on the door frame itself.

Has anyone ever found a baby gate that doesn't leave a mark?

asked 15 Sep '09, 11:30

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If the molding in your door frame is soft you could try putting a piece of wood between the gate and the frame. That would distribute the pressure from those little hard rubber stoppers into a larger area so that you wouldn't get dents.

If you don't have scraps of wood laying around Home Depot usually has a scraps bin with inexpensive pieces of wood. Of course you'll want to be sure that the wood isn't covered in lead paint, isn't pressure treated, doesn't have slivers on it, or have anything else that could cause harm to your little one. I bet even some of those free paint stirrer sticks would work.


answered 16 Sep '09, 19:21

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We've used one similar to this with good success in a doorway surrounded only by drywall. It has fairly large rubberized pads where it makes contact with the door frame, and the pads "stick" well so they don't rub too much which is probably where your marks are coming from. I'd assume it would work even better in a wooden door frame.

It's a bit pricey ($51 right now on Amazon) but I think you can get it cheaper if you opt for the version without the "knee knocker" hands free latch.


answered 17 Sep '09, 02:02

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At work we get the big Arrowhead Spring water bottles you poor into the water cooler. They are topped with a thick rubber cap. I took a couple of those caps home and use those over the baby gate knobs that touch the wall. It holds the gate in place well, with no markings. And, if you have access to those, its free.


answered 29 Oct '09, 22:31

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David 2
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My door frames were painted months before baby even arrived ... let alone he could crawl, but our baby gates over time actually pushed the paint layer and made a noticeable indention. I think in a couple places it actually removed a layer of paint in one area. Baby gates are not very nice to your house. :-)


answered 09 Nov '09, 03:31

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Kurt W Leucht
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