My son is turning four next month. I have had the family asking for ideas of presents for him. I am struggling for ideas. My son is quite into construction like toys e.g building with Lego or train tracks.

What would you recomend for a four year old boy? I.e what toys etc did your kids get lots of enjoyment out of at this age?

asked 14 Apr '10, 02:46

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My oldest son is turning 4 in June, he loves to play with Duplo / Lego. I have a huge amount of Lego from when I was small, and have let him play with it some time. He's still a bit too young for it as especially Lego requires some design and has higher complexity (more different elements, and no ready-made cars).

He has a lot of Duplo as well, and really loves that. There is only one disadvantage of Duplo/Lego, that is that for it to be really fun you have to have quite a lot of it. As we have a 1 and a half year old as well, we'll be certainly getting some extra tracks for the Duplo train. That way they can build interesting tracks and explore the possibilities.

Beyond Duplo/Lego our son is really into painting and drawing. We might get some interesting things for that, as well as some basic books he can color in.


answered 14 Apr '10, 10:51

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+1 for painting & drawing (I love childrens drawings at those ages)

(14 Apr '10, 11:21) Emi

This is the same answer to another question but it also applies.... The Play food and puzzles are very popular among my "boy" clients". My son enjoyed the patter blocks and latches board esp.

Melissa and Doug toys are great. I sell a selction of their range here in South Africa, imported from America, and they are ALWAYS a hit with my moms. Check out Their quality is great and very user freindly. especially the wooden Play food sets and classic toys. And not its not an advertising pitch.... just a product I love.


answered 14 Apr '10, 16:18

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mamma hubba
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+1 my 3 year old daughter and 19 month old son spend a lot of time "Making foods" in their play kitchen.

(15 Apr '10, 04:51) Neen

Perhaps Duplo also is an idea?


answered 14 Apr '10, 09:05

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Tinker Toys.

Hours and hours and hours of fun. And your son will like them too.


answered 15 Apr '10, 07:21

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+1, lol, We have a collage picture at my Mom's of my Dad on the floor playing Tinker Toys with my older brother and sisters, and of my ex playing it with my older boys and my brother-in-laws playing it with my nieces and nephews. Daddies and Tinker Toys are a match made in heaven I think. :)

(17 Apr '10, 16:35) Neen

Lego, though he may be a bit young yet for complicated kits. Depends on how much patience he has, I guess.


answered 14 Apr '10, 05:24

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+1 Lego is great!

(14 Apr '10, 06:43) Emi

My daughter was given a Bornimago set at about that age, she loved it then and still loves playing/experimenting with it now. (We also love playing and experimenting with it)


answered 15 Apr '10, 07:56

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That looks like lots of fun. My Husband would enjoy that. Have to see where it is available here as haven't seen it around.

(15 Apr '10, 08:56) K D

@ K D Yes it is definitely lots of fun! I also had not seen it around either. It was a gift from my husbands "programmer" colleagues, and I am pretty sure they purchased it on-line. :)

(15 Apr '10, 14:54) Emi

My daughter and her four year old friends (male and female) all like Lightning McQueen. It's a little commercial, but they seem to get enjoyment out of the type cars.


answered 16 Apr '10, 02:24

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