As tasks i mean feeding,hospitality,your familiy doctor's appoinment etc and may be someothers too... Do you use any web based time/task management system to schedule these tasks....

I use Remember the milk which is quite interesting.... I load my daily/weekly/monthly tasks to handle and i get alerts of tasks the current day as mail&sms daily which is really useful to keep in track of my tasks... Any other interesting ones used by Moms4mom users.....

asked 21 Apr '10, 09:59

Pandiya%20Chendur's gravatar image

Pandiya Chendur
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+1 Remember the a life saver (particularly now that our 5 & a half year old has events at school, holidays, outings etc...

(21 Apr '10, 10:09) Emi

I loved RTM when I tried it, but didn't like that I had to subscribe. Instead, I've been using, which also syncs with the iPhone and my iPod Touch (via a one-time fee app), and integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar. I need to be more disciplined in using my TODO lists.

(21 Apr '10, 15:50) Scottie T

Currently I use google calendar, with different calendars for different aspects of my life (personal, hobby-related, ...) with shared access to my wife's calendar (if only she would use it more, not just the paper calendar at home... I guess I'll have to show here the advantages again).


  • sms/mail reminders
  • easy interface
  • accessible from anywhere
  • syncs with iPhone
  • recurring appointments are also possible

answered 21 Apr '10, 14:35

brandstaetter's gravatar image

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I also used google calender and Scott and I sync our calenders as well. I find that feature and the email reminders great.

(21 Apr '10, 18:19) Tammy ♦♦

I think the system is more important than the tool. I highly suggest Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. His system has somewhat of a cult following, particularly among IT people because it's very systematic. It's all about reminding you what you have to do at the appropriate time.



answered 22 Apr '10, 10:10

Scott's gravatar image

Scott ♦♦
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I'm old fashioned and write things down in a weekly planner that I carry in my purse.


answered 21 Apr '10, 18:38

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