• What is the easiest way to stop a baby from crying?
  • how to soothe them?

    Any interesting ways you handled in your parental career...-

asked 22 Apr '10, 12:28

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Pandiya Chendur
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+1 I really wish this site had been around sooner!!! One thing that I learnt along the way was to try and remain relaxed, and to maintain a calm and self assured aura, because I believe that babies can also sense parents anxiousness too.

(22 Apr '10, 21:13) Emi

Fortunately our son was easily calmed down. Here is a list of things that helped:

  • distracting (look, shiny, rattling object)
  • showing a mirror
  • looking out the window
  • carrying around, ideally close to the body, using something like this
  • softly singing
  • using a wind-up-toy that plays music, the same we used during pregnancy
  • breastfeeding

answered 22 Apr '10, 13:49

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+1 for Distraction. That works most of the time. Pictures work well. Animals. Anything new...

(22 Apr '10, 16:15) Scott ♦♦

+1 great points! I would just add gentle rubbing or caressing your babies back whilst holding them in your arms.

(22 Apr '10, 21:08) Emi

Distraction usually works. Gently tickling my two year old is the quickest one to stop her crying.

(22 Apr '10, 22:07) K D

Something that we were taught by the Public Health Nurse is the five S's for soothing a crying baby: Swadding, side lying, Shhing, swinging, and sucking.

They come from the book the Happiest Baby on the Block. I have admittedly never read the book, but I have several friends who found it very helpful. We did however use the 5 s's and they definatley helped soothe our daughter when she was a baby.


answered 22 Apr '10, 17:37

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Tammy ♦♦
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It depends on the situation and the child. Our son is very intense and is difficult to calm down. Sometimes nothing works. However, Brandstaetter has a good list of things to try. In addition to those things we also:

  • Take walks outside (with baby in a carrier or stroller)- sometimes this is the only thing that would calm my son down. Someone gave us itsy bitsy SmartWool hat and gloves so I took him out even in winter.
  • Give the baby a massage. My baby, now toddler, is too active for the full-blown massages they talk about in the infant massage books. However, at around 9 months he'd often stop crying and lay still for minutes at a time when I massaged his legs (laying still that long was very impressive for him). Now, at a little over a year, it appears he likes gentle neck massages.

I've seen many babies who adore swinging in a baby swing which might be another thing to try but our child hated that.


answered 22 Apr '10, 14:13

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Kiesa ♦
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+1 for gentle massages

(22 Apr '10, 21:05) Emi

+1 for depends on the circumstances and age. My two year old has just started the I will cry until I get my own way. Sometimes I have to just walk away and leave her.

(22 Apr '10, 22:07) K D

+1 for every baby's different, I had to come up with new tricks for each of my babies.

(25 Apr '10, 05:07) Neen
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