Is it possible to get Braxton Hicks on only part of your belly?

My wife seems to have what she thinks are Braxton Hicks contractions that she can sometimes only feel on part of her belly. Are these still Braxton Hicks. Other times it will be her whole belly.

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My wife used to call these Branston Pickles... but that may have only been the pregnancy talking. ;-) Apologies for the non sequitur.

(24 Apr '10, 01:29) Peter K.

Yes. BH contractions are the body's way of working out muscles in preparation for labor. With my two I would occasionally have them all over my stomach, but most often they were just one area at a time.

Think of them as an automatic strength training regimen. When body building you want to rotate which muscle groups are being worked. That is essentially what your wife's body is doing.


answered 23 Apr '10, 03:09

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Some notes from here:

Braxton Hicks:

  • May be felt more in the front area and in the groin area
  • Or contractions begin in the back, but they do not move to the front

There is also some anecdotal evidence here:

Also, sometimes the contractions are only in one area, mostly the lower abdomen. Sometimes just on one side. Is it normal to have contractions only in one part of the uterus?

...and another:

DF has had them... she discribes them as just menstral like cramps that go away after ten min and are located on just one area

So it certainly sounds like the answer is yes.


answered 23 Apr '10, 10:16

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