My 9 month old baby has Hay Fever, he is too young for piriton, can any one reccommend anything that may help?

asked 26 Apr '10, 07:58

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Phil Seller
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You really should ask your pediatrician which drugs you can use.

(27 Apr '10, 06:21) brandstaetter

Its not really medication advice i'm after more how i can ease the discomfort, so far ive found changing his clouthes and washing his hands and face after being outside has helpes a little. and putting a cold flannel on his eyes to ease the itching. Just wondered if anyone had a any ideas how to keep him more comfortable.

(28 Apr '10, 05:30) Phil Seller

I only found on several internet sources (without medical or scientific backing):

  • breastfeed if possible
  • if not breastfeeding, use hypoallergenic food
  • avoid the allergens (in that case, avoid the outdoors area during hay fever - high season)

That sounds annoying. I'm really sorry and hope that you will find something to cure or mitigate later in his life.


answered 26 Apr '10, 14:53

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@Brandstaetter -are these things you found through personal experience or through a search. If it is the former could you edit your answer to reflect that and if it is the latter, please add a link to the information you found. Thanks

(26 Apr '10, 17:18) Tammy ♦♦

@Tammy sorry, I thought I had written it clear enough. Changed it now.

(27 Apr '10, 06:21) brandstaetter

Our pediatrician advised breastfeeding against allergies, though she did say that there wasn't hard evidence that breastfeeding prevented allergies, it did appear to delay their arrival. Interestingly, I grew up in the countryside and never had hay fever as a child, it was only after moving into a city that I started getting hay fever. Pollution?

(28 Apr '10, 05:43) Benjol

My little one have had Hay fever since about 8 months. The Dr said he could not prescribe anything but I could use Clartin or Zertec. He said I could just use a 1/4 of the smallest amount to give. My little one would both get ear infection ever time their allergies would act up. SO I stated by giving them 1/4 of the tsp and if it did not good next time I would give a litte more. Well doing that really helped.


answered 27 Apr '10, 01:40

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