We have a little electric four-wheeler for our daughter, so we went out and got a bicycle helmet for her. I've adjusted the straps per the directions, but they say you shouldn't be able to move the helmet forward or back on the head if it's adjusted correctly. This seems a bit ambiguous, and I can't quite get the adjustment "just right"?

What's the correct way to adjust a child's bicycle helmet? How do you know if it's adjusted correctly?

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There is some good advice on helmet wearing in document on the NZ Land Transport Authority website. In a document titled the Official NZ Road Code for Cyclists.link text

Page 71 outlines the following steps for adjusting the helment to fit:

  1. Loosen all the straps.
  2. Figure out which ends of the helmet are the front and back. Some helmets may be labelled with ‘front’ and ‘back’. Normally the front of the helmet is rounder and clear of straps.
  3. Place the helmet on your head and tilt it forward until the front of the helmet is two fingers width above your eyebrows.
  4. Adjust the dial (if fitted) on the straps at the back of the helmet – to fit the back of your head.
  5. Do up the buckle under your chin.
  6. Adjust all the straps so they tighten firmly. Every strap should be firm, but you should still be able to move your chin enough to talk. If the helmet has separate chin and nape (back) straps, also check that your ears sit in the middle of the V shape of the straps and that the straps meet just below each ear lobe.
  7. Give the helmet a wriggle – forwards, backwards and sideways to check it stays in place. If you can uncover the forehead, sides of the head or cover the eyes, it will need to be adjusted again. If it keeps happening, the helmet will be the wrong shape or size. You may be able to help it fit better by using foam adjuster pads, but if you have to put in very thick pads, it’s probably too big.

Page 73 gives a three step helmet position test

  1. Check that your ears sit in the middle of the V shape of the straps.
  2. Make sure that the front of the helmet sits two fingers width above your eyebrows.
  3. Check that when the chin strap is done up, that just one finger can fit between your chin and the strap.

The online document has pictures go with the text. Our son (4) always plays with his helment so I find we need to adjust each time he uses it.


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+1, it makes me cringe when I see a child with a helmet perched jauntily on the back of their head, offering no protection to the forehead. It is really important to get one that is the right size, adjust it properly, and replace it after any collision as they only work properly once.

(27 Apr '10, 06:35) Rich Seller

Nice answer! So when it says "two fingers width" above your eyebrows, and you're talking about a child's helmet, they must mean the child's finger width?

(27 Apr '10, 09:55) Scott ♦♦

I would assume so.

(27 Apr '10, 20:55) K D
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