I'm looking for some inspiration regarding birth cards.

For now, I only know www.babygrafix.be (in Dutch), but I'd like to find some more (also in English is ok)

Can you provide me some websites?

(I don't need answers like google or lmgtft...)


By birth cards I mean: cards that the parents send out to friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, ... to tell they have a baby. So it's a card made out of paper.

Perhaps this is only a tradition in my country?


alt text

--> this is the outside of the card. It's a square card, which you can fold open.

alt text

--> this is the inside of the card. It says: name of the baby, date of birth, names of the parents, godfather and godmother, address, where to buy presents

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Thanks for the example!

(28 Apr '10, 06:44) Emi

@Emi, it this too localized? Do parents send a similar card in your country?

(28 Apr '10, 06:48) Fisherman

I just found some examples that are used in Istanbul, that you can see here http://www.treehouse.com.tr/en/custom-cards.aspx
To be honest I am not sure whether it can be considered too localized, I think it is something that can also remain as a keepsake in an album and appreciated by people that are close to you. As more and more stuff is digitized maybe this is one of those little details that should continue.

(28 Apr '10, 06:54) Emi

I have reopened this question as I don't believe it is off-topic or irrelevant. Birth announcements are used in many countries and the answers may be helpful to some people.

(18 Feb '11, 21:41) Tammy ♦♦

In Canada and the US there are two sites I know of where you can upload your pictures and create cards of all types. https://www.shutterfly.com/ and http://www2.snapfish.com/

EDIT: This includes birth announcements. You order however many you want and they mail them to you so they are not electronic but paper. We use these websites to create our family Christmas cards.


answered 27 Apr '10, 20:50

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Tammy ♦♦
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I love shutterfly!! I have had a few problems with snapfish though.

(30 Jan '13, 20:29) Mommy trial and error

I agree, since posting this I have also had a few issues with Snapfish.

(30 Jan '13, 20:34) Tammy ♦♦

moonpig is a great site to send personalised birth cards, particularly this one...

picture of boys shoes.

You can change the name to their childs name.

I sent out a similar personalised cards to each of the members on my NCT group, and they were all very impressed. Theres also some photo upload templates to make a very personal card.


answered 28 Apr '10, 18:19

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I am not too sure what kind of birth cards you are looking for, to buy and send or digital ones, so I have given two options that I am familiar with.

I used this website Bluemountain a couple of times to send E.cards to friends overseas. It has extensive selections you can choose from and offers you the chance to customize/personalize and to animate cards too. Its worth a look.

Alternatively there is the website for Clinton Cards of England for more traditional card formats and Paperchase another UK card retailer, although they have limited selections it seems.


answered 27 Apr '10, 15:15

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I just want tosee what's on the market, and get some inspiration to have a card designed for me

(28 Apr '10, 06:31) Fisherman

That's a good idea!

(28 Apr '10, 06:42) Emi

answered 28 Apr '10, 03:13

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