What's the best way to hold a newborn? Any suggestions...

asked 28 Apr '10, 03:20

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Pandiya Chendur
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"Carefully"? :-)

(28 Apr '10, 13:49) ceejayoz

@ceejayoz Brilliant humour - love it :)

(28 Apr '10, 14:29) Emi

One word: Tongs.

(10 May '10, 17:26) Rob Allen

The answer I have provided below is taken from the book Baby Owners Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble Shooting Tips and Advice on First year Maintenance and is fun, easy to read and full of helpful information.

The chapter Handling the New Baby explains how to hold a newborn quite well with diagrams too. If you scroll down you will see explanations and diagrams for "Cradle hold" "Shoulder hold" and for "Passing the baby" on to someone else.


answered 28 Apr '10, 07:18

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+1 At our antenatal class we were told that babies are not as fragile as we think. I would say relax. We have a picture of a friend holding our newborn son who is so stressed it looks like he is about to drop him.

(08 May '10, 05:57) K D

For a good "all-purpose" hold that will quickly get said newborn from spot A to spot B: While she is lying on her back, place one on your hands under his/her head and your other hand under her butt (tush, behind, or whatever you want to call it). Lift and move.

One of the nurses showed me this 2 days after my LO was born and it helped me immensely.


answered 08 May '10, 00:50

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I found that the best way to hold my newborn was in a baby carrier, particularly a wrap, such as the Moby wrap. Since they (generally) like to be held a lot as newborns, safe carriers allow you the closeness, but also enable you to do things other than JUST hold the baby. If you're interested in learning more about safe baby carriers, check out www.thebabywearer.com


answered 07 May '10, 00:55

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When my guy was little he spent a lot of time in the "chest nap" position. Hold your wee one upright facing you (supporting his head of course) then sit down and lean back on a comfy couch with a remote control in hand. He got some zzz, we got to relax, and there's plenty of bonding too. I miss those chest naps.


answered 14 Aug '10, 02:40

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Pam 1
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@Pam we spent a lot of time in the chest nap position as well

(14 Aug '10, 12:26) Tammy ♦♦
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