My wife and I had been getting very tired the past few days, and I realised today that its a full blown cold. I'm worried that we may have given it to our 5 week old baby boy.

Can you give a newborn illnesses like the cold through breast milk, or close contact? What symptoms should I be looking for in a new born with a cold? What can we give to the baby to calm him? And should we continue to feed him with mother's milk?

asked 28 Apr '10, 03:37

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+1 I think brandstaetter has given a great answer below, additionally you can read up some earlier answers to a similar question regarding a breastfed babies immunity towards colds. http://moms4mom.com/questions/1446/are-breast-feeded-babies-immune-to-the-common-cold

(28 Apr '10, 06:16) Emi

You should keep up feeding mother's milk, as the milk contains important immune-system boosters, especially if the mother is sick.

You might have given the cold to your newborn, but breast-fed children have a very strong immune system to start with.

You should watch for a clogged nose, as this will obstruct the breastfeeding. There are syringes you can use to remove the mucus. You should also keep an eye on the temperature, and if it rises you should visit your pediatrician for some suppositories.


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+1 Very clear and concise!

(28 Apr '10, 06:14) Emi

Does the second paragraph need a reference?

(28 Apr '10, 09:58) Scott ♦♦

Thanks for the reference links. It was too early in the morning for me ;)

(28 Apr '10, 11:52) brandstaetter

+1, here's a reference for the 2nd para: http://www.canceractive.com/cancer-active-page-link.aspx?n=1412 "Mother’s milk is full of prebiotics and contains large quantities of galactose [...] There are a number of research studies (some noted in the references at the end), including clinical trials, which show that prebiotics can increase and strengthen the immune system, because they stimulate the beneficial bacteria do their jobs."

(02 May '10, 04:21) Rich Seller

They will get the cold by sharing a home with you anyway - but you do pass on antibodies in breast milk that you have already made against that cold, so they are likely to recover much quicker from the cold if they are being breastfed.

Also, breastmilk will adapt its makeup according to the babies suckling patterns and so on - so a bunged up baby who is likely to be suckling for short but frequent feeds will probably get a more watery milk than usual. This is ideal for colds, as you'll know from the relief that frequent drinks give to you as an adult.


answered 29 Apr '10, 18:27

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