For those of you that have experience with strong-willed children, are there any books that were particularly helpful to read in order to understand them? I've found quite a few books online about this topic but would be interested in personal recommendations on books you have read and found helpful.

My 13-month toddler had his first breath-holding spell last week (I did call the Dr's office but the nurse said it wasn't anything to be concerned about). He was very upset because it was bath time and I wouldn't let him climb the stairs more than once. I realize that my toddler didn't fall unconscious on purpose, but I think it follows his general pattern of being a very intense strong-willed child. I would really like to find some resources that offer guidance on understanding strong-willed children, how to help them handle their emotions appropriately, effective discipline, etc. I realize my child is a little young for some of this but I'd like to get a head-start on the theory :)

(I did also look at several other questions about books but none of them seemed to deal with this subject.)

asked 03 May '10, 15:42

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The Strong-Willed Child is a highly recommended (though somewhat controversial) resource. As the Amazon reviews indicate, Dobson is an advocate of spanking, but the book can be helpful even for parents who don't want to use that method.

Another resource is Parenting the Strong-Willed Child.


answered 03 May '10, 17:52

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I agree this is a good book. Spanking show only be used until kids learn to reason their behavior.

(04 May '10, 02:00) Mary

+1 - I read The Strong-Willed Child when my oldest was small, and it changed our relationship exponentially for the better. (He never held his breath, he'd hit his head on the floor. At 18 years old I still call him "Bunky" sometimes because he "bunked" his head on the floor so often when he was a toddler!)

(05 May '10, 09:11) Neen

A great book on dealing with 1 to 4 year old behaviour is Dr Christopher Greens Toddler Taming. See here. It is written by an australian pediatrician. It came to mind because it has several pages on dealing with breathholding behaviour.

My sister who has a strong willed son use to read it regularly until her son turned five. I refer to it regularly .


answered 04 May '10, 21:15

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I would highly recommend The Explosive Child written by Dr. Ross Greene.


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+1 That looks interesting.

(03 May '10, 18:56) Emi

A really usefull parenting book is "Guiding Principles for Children." It is very easy to understand and apply without a lot of useless theory. It has some great examples. The book also has sections to write notes to yourself that I found very usefull. It's also cheep! Here is the link on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Guiding-Principles-Children-Eric-Johnson/dp/1468130544


answered 10 Apr '12, 11:07

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