As wrestling is more popular in US like the WWE and TNA.... Small kids here in india are rooted to TV sets to see their heros in action.... Is it safe or should i avoid them from watching....

asked 06 May '10, 12:58

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Pandiya Chendur
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+1 Thats interesting!

(06 May '10, 14:43) Emi

Ultimately, the decision is each parent's to make.

A few thoughts:

  • It will possibly lead to the kids acting out their heroes' moves on each other. I admit I did that as a kid, and I never got hurt (seriously), but the potential is there for injury.
  • The language they use isn't the best example, but it's not the worst thing that's on TV, by far.
  • I am most concerned about the portrayal of women, who are typically scantily clad, catty, and objectified.

answered 06 May '10, 15:17

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Scottie T
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We all watched that stuff as kids and turned out fine. But on the other hand, it's very hard to enumerate positive benefits of watching it, as you have done with possible negatives. Ultimately it's a judgment call on the part of the parents, about whether it's time well spent compared to other things they could be doing.

(07 May '10, 05:58) lgritz

I take my two kids (currently 4 years and 21 months) to watch their uncle's Greco-Roman collegiate team. But there is a big difference between Greco-Roman and WWF (or whatever it is called).


answered 06 May '10, 14:27

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+1 I'd prefer my son see actual serious athletics, done safely and with good sportsmanship, rather than the "cartoon" wrestling they have on WWF that, in addition to being completely fake, is the very model of physical recklessness and poor sportsmanship.

(07 May '10, 05:28) lgritz

Age 5-12? That's quite a range, and my advice would be quite different at either end.

I wouldn't want my 5-year-old to watch it at all, for many reasons: horrible sportsmanship and pointless rivalry, physical recklessness and glorification of injury, a mockery of the serious sport of competitive wrestling, dangerous to attempt what they see, etc. Five years is too young to sort it all out.

At 12, I don't see the real harm in seeing it -- 12 is plenty old enough to know it's fake, hyped up entertainment, not to be confused with athletics, and dangerous to do. So no harm that I see in watching it as occasional entertainment, although personally I would prefer that my kids watch actual (athletic, sportsmanlike) wrestling, or better yet, actually participate. At 12 years old they could/should be learning and doing real wrestling (or other martial arts) if interested in that kind of thing. If they're taught well and appreciate the skills, they're likely to prefer the competitive sport and reject the staged entertainment on their own without any need for parental heavy-handedness.


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Igritz -I edited your response to remove your opinion of WWE as it is judgemental and the original posted wasn't asking about the quality of WWE but whether or not it is okay for children.

(10 May '10, 00:04) Tammy ♦♦

What I originally said goes to the very heart of whether it is ok for children, and also is a core part of my advice (that exposed to better alternatives, older children will probably reject WWE anyway, obviating the need for any heavy handed worrying about whether it's "good" for them). I would prefer you have faith in the voting system and let people read my original comments and decide if they are helpful, rather than editing posts. If people don't find my answer helpful, it will get voted down. If I habitually give unhelpful answers, I won't be near the top of the reputation rankings.

(11 May '10, 20:49) lgritz

@Igritz please reread the rules faq, specifically be nice, courteous and respectful. Some components of your answer is helpful. However, stating your opinion in the tone you used "WWE is a collosal waste of time" is insulting to the original poster and anyone else who might find WWE entertaining. This is supposed to be a safe place where people can post their questions without judgement. The faq rules and back-it-up principal clearly state that we want avoid opinion and focus on facts and personal experience.

(12 May '10, 00:30) Tammy ♦♦

I guess I didn't see it that way. I enjoyed WWE as a kid. I continue to enjoy many things that are a waste of time. I'm not insulted if people point that out. The original poster did not say he was a fan; on the contrary, he obviously has concerns. Again, I have faith that unhelpful answers will be voted down. As the edited answer doesn't at all convey my original point, I'll try to reedit and see if passes muster one more time.

(12 May '10, 05:22) lgritz

@Igitz Thank you that is much better.

(12 May '10, 11:29) Tammy ♦♦

The final choice will always be yours. But me personally do not allow my kids to watch wrestling. But there is a reason to that. I have 3 boys who watch and then reenact. For their safety and my sanity I say no to wrestling.


answered 15 May '10, 19:54

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