She wants to poop and would gladly go poop but it is too hard. I have changed her diet and am giving her fruits and veggies, given her prune and apple juice but none of these things are working. I think if I could just get it to be softer she would go.

asked 06 May '10, 17:38

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Tammy ♦♦


You may find the answers to these earlier questions to be helpful as well.

(08 May '10, 18:31) Emi

My daughter had some constipation issues as an infant. Her doctor told us to try giving her a tablespoon of corn syrup (which would act as a laxative) or use one quarter of one half of a suppository. The suppositories worked explosively well, sometimes before we even got the diaper back on.


answered 07 May '10, 02:04

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Since you are already using some commonly-mentioned remedies for constipation, I would recommend two other things:

  1. Ask your physician. This is the first thing you should do. You don't need to go to the doctor with your child, just call the doctor's office.

  2. The "Inverse" BRAT Diet: Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Removing these things from your child's diet can help alleviate constipation (the actual diet is a treatment for diarrhea, but is no longer commonly prescribed). Check the Wikipedia article on the BRAT diet and this link (about 2/3 of the way down the page) for more information.

Finally, check this Treatment Guide for more tips about how to help relieve constipation in toddlers.


answered 06 May '10, 17:54

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Matthew Jones
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+1 really nice points made.

(06 May '10, 19:26) Emi

+1 I have always found that the nurses at the Dr's is normally really helpful with such questions over the phone.

(06 May '10, 20:45) K D

I find olive oil on the veggies is tastier, healthier, and acts as a good natural laxative.


answered 07 May '10, 07:36

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From our experience, there doesn't seem to be any "instant" cure for constipation. Correcting the diet will prevent future problems, but the normal remedy for the immediate situation is time.


answered 07 May '10, 01:00

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Scott ♦♦
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Our pediatrician told us to try 1 oz. of Gerber White Grape Juice (or any other baby brand) between feedings until the constipation was over. Seems to have worked for us.


answered 21 Sep '10, 16:06

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My son has SERIOUS constipation issues which cannot be solved by a change in diet. We were told that miralax and lactulose are the only safe stool softeners for babies. Lactulose dosage should be discussed with your pediatrician. Miralax is over the counter and you can start with 1/4 teaspoon in one of her bottles once a day. My pediatrician described miralax to me as a medicine that the dose is based on the need. Try the 1/4 for five days (it takes that long to kick in). She will probably have cramping at first but this will stop. After that, the dose can go to morning and night if needed. Wait two days. If you need more go up to 1/2 tsp morning and night. It's really a play it by ear thing. And don't worry if she has near-diarrea movements at times. It is more important that she gets it all out because if she gets impacted she could spend 6 weeks in the hospital and have to be on a special diet and possibly have surgery. In an emergency, if she becomes too uncomfortable and has not gone for "too long." Trim and file your pinky fingernail, wash your hands well, put some KY lubricant on your pinky finger and insert it into her rectum only up to the first knuckle and loosen any bowel you find. Trust me, she will thank you for it. Our GI doctor has done this for our son before and it is TOTALLY NORMAL.


answered 27 Jun '11, 00:36

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I found this link provided by paeditrician Dr. Jeffrey Hull about constipation in infants and toddlers and common treatments.

In addition to the things already mentioned, he recommends glycerine suppositories. We did use these once when my daughter was about 7-9 months and I recall that they worked well.


answered 29 Sep '10, 17:57

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Tammy ♦♦
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I have never tried the glycerine suppositories but my son's GI said we may end up using those at some point as well. That is a good point.

(28 Jun '11, 03:07) Brysons Mommy
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