Does anyone else's kids like to reveal a little bit more of mom than appropriate? Is this just a breastfed thing, where the kid wants to know why he no longer gets to see mommy's breasts or is it a normal curiosity about the human body?

asked 07 May '10, 13:32

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oh my golly my almost 11 month old has just started pulling down my top and trying to help herself to dinner whenever she's peekish no matter where we are!!

(07 May '10, 13:49) Lin

lol, my 11 month old went through a phase where he would try to nurse in the bath! At first it was cute, then I started to get scared he'd slip, and take my nipple off!

(07 May '10, 15:41) Anne

My 12 month-old breastfed baby also tries to pull down my shirt when he wants milk. But, he also lifts my husbands shirt up just to take a look at his belly button. And he often tries to pull our pants down when we are getting dressed. So for our son, it is a combination of looking for milk and just exploring/being curious about his parents' bodies.

A few month ago, one of my friends asked her two year old to show us his belly button and he lifted up his mom's shirt and said, "belly!" We were all surprised and he thought it was hilarious.

I don't have a reference to back it up, but I do think that we can teach our babies when it is appropriate to pull down mommy's shirt for milk and when it is not. At home for example, it doesn't matter if he reaches into my shirt. However, when we are in the grocery store or my favourite cafe, I gently discourage him from exposing me in public. But I also respect that he is asking for milk and make sure to nurse him within a few minutes. After telling him "no" a few times after he has pulled down my shirt, he has started to just bury his face into my shirt when he wants milk instead of pulling it down.


answered 08 May '10, 00:29

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I think it's just gorgeous when they bury!

(08 May '10, 13:02) Lin

I have 4 kids now and all of them have tried to help "undress" me at some point or another. Wait until your child grabs you in public.


answered 15 May '10, 20:00

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