My friends have a boy who just turned 3 and my husband and I would like to get a gift for him. We're not extremely close to the family so we don't know everything that the little one has. We'd also like to keep the price reasonable (let's say no more than $25 or so).

What's a good gift idea for a 3-year-old boy that has the lowest likelihood of getting the "Oh thanks, but we already have that" reaction?

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+1 I love the comment in the last paragraph! Good question!

(08 May '10, 08:48) Emi

We have a three year old boy in our house. Some things that would be popular here would be and that doubling up isn't going to be a major issue:

  • Craft supplies - pens, paper, glue etc. Also a container/pencil case to keep them in.
  • Wooden blocks, if they already have some then they would be able to combine them. The more blocks the more construction can be done.
  • Toy cars, vehicles, perhaps ones that will cope with being outside.
  • Clothes
  • Trains or train track but only if you know what they already have, i.e is it plastic or wooden.
  • Playdoh and the tools to play with it.

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It seems to be the fad that each of the children in my daughters Pre-school class all have birthday events, and I am faced with the same problem and also the fact the 12 other sets of parents are buying a present at the same time, means chances of your phrase being used become high. I have two solutions for gift buying that has seemed to work well so far,

  1. I buy books, that are a little older than what the kid needs, and parents normally appreciate that, for a couple of reasons, one being that they don't already have it, looks good on the shelf in the child s bedroom, and it gives the parents variety when choosing something to read for their children.

  2. An item of clothing (with a gift exchange card) Usually T-shirts or sweatshirts.

(K D s answer has many great suggestions, in addition I would add "Play Doh" even if they already have it, new fresh "Play Doh" was always welcomed by my daughter when she was younger)


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I thought of "playdoh" after I had posted my answer.

(09 May '10, 01:15) K D

Play Doh never fails and don't forget the ever loving little people. Boys especially love vehicles and tools too.


answered 15 May '10, 19:56

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