Hi, I'm expecting in February, and I'm excited. Unfortunately I came down with a cold this week, and of course you're not supposed to take any sort of medication. Does anyone have a "natural" remedy they could suggest?

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My doctor okayed Sudafed when I was breastfeeding my little one. You could try calling your doctor and asking about it. Or talk to a pharmacist.


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Depending on your symptoms...when I had a cold, stuffy nose and congested I used a big bowl of boiling water with some vicks in it, threw a towel over my head and let everything drip out...sounds gross and its very uncomfortable but it worked like a charm. Or you could try rubbing ginger on the bridge of your nose!


answered 17 Sep '09, 05:30

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Jenn Smith
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Vick's plug ins and Vapor Rub and honey & lemon hot tea (honestly I like this better than cough syrup even now!)


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My doctor approved Sudafed as well when I was pregnant. I have pretty bad allergies so I had to take something. Call your OB/GYN and their office should have a list of meds that are safe for you to take. Hope you feel better soon!


answered 18 Sep '09, 17:48

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If you want natural, non-medicated, have some garlic, lemon and honey handy.

You can make a nice little drink of the lemon and honey, using at least half a lemon squeezed with a dollop of honey in for the mix. If you can get some pulp to "accidentally" fall into it, even better.

The alternative would be to make a nice little tea and drop in some cloves of garlic. You can smash them up if you prefer, so long as the aroma and essence of the garlic is making its presence known in the drink.


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I used Vick's rub on my feet (with socks) it stopped my coughing and helped my congestion. I have no idea why. But it worked better than any couch meds. I took (not pregnant)


answered 23 Oct '09, 01:20

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  • Lots of liquids Our bodies do everything better with liquids. I used to have this list of ways water helps your health but I don't remember the source, but the health benefits of keeping appropriately hydrated are pretty impressive. If warm liquids feel best on your throat, try hot decaf tea, decaf coffee, or soup.
  • Eat Don't starve a cold or a flu or an anything, there's no evidence that starving helps you. You can't fight anything without food. When I'm sick, there are some foods (sometimes all foods) that I don't want and it sucks to force myself to eat but I believe it's for the best. Don't let any food aversions keep you from taking any prescribed medications including pre-natal vitamins.
  • Avoid stress Our bodies haven't adapted very well to the modern world. Our body perceives all stress as a reason to fight or flight. During these times, digestion and immunity systems take a backseat to protecting ourselves.
  • Sleep This is the flip-side of the comments of 'avoid stress'. This is when our body lets the immune system work its best. Also, less consciousness means less time I have to be aware of how awful I feel.
  • Keep clean Washing your hands is great to keep more germs from entering you. Also, when I'm sick, I'm sniffling, sneezing, rubbing my eyes, blowing my nose, and generally getting germs from my mucus membranes on my hands. Washing hands keeps me from spreading the germs. Also, hot baths or showers just feel good sometimes. After a few days of being sick, I feel like I'm living in a bowl of germs and getting clean feels good mentally. Personally, when sick I also like to get showers as hot as I can stand them and just breathe in the vapor. When I get sick, it goes straight to my sinuses and breathing the hot vapors helps me physically in addition to just feeling soothing.

I had a co-worker that swore by Nasal irrigation. I've never tried it but it's totally safe.


answered 23 Oct '09, 12:36

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