We got two calls in the last week from mark 2 surveys about vaccinating our children. This is pretty disturbing to my wife and I because we don't want to share that information with anyone. We were just wondering of anyone else has been contacted by this survey. Also, does the government aleady know this information or is it really a private matter between us and our pediatrician?

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What country are you in, BTW?

(09 May '10, 02:16) Scott ♦♦

When you were called, were you addressed personally with your name? I would simply ask to learn who the survey was commissioned by, and for what purposes it is intended. Depending on the reply you get, you could simply refuse to share your personal information. If there are larger communities of immigrants or ethnic minority groups in your region then maybe this could be a precautionary approach to raise awareness regarding vaccinations for their children. For the well being of all children attending kindergarten or preschool, I think it's good that vaccination records are required

(10 May '10, 08:07) Emi

We're in the US, and no we weren't addressed personally - they wanted to talk to the person in charge of vaccinating our kids. But, we were called twice and most random surveys we get (what kind of groceries do you like, etc..) don't call back.

(14 May '10, 04:35) Pete

There are only 2 states in the US with no formal immunization information registry, Massachusetts and Hawaii. Thought they don't have a certified immunization information registry, they may collect that information at their health department. All other states have a registry, but that information is only given to a given child's parent or guardian or health care provider. Lists are not sold or given out, although aggregate regional information (ie, not personally identifiable) is provided for statistical usage, etc. Mainly to predict disease outbreak problems. These registries are a requirement of some federal funding for health programs over the last decade.

In addition to using the statistical information in these registries, some health departments or state and federal agencies will conduct random surveys to find out vaccination usage in order to predict and prevent disease outbreaks. For instance, in areas with low vaccination rate they will spend more money promoting vaccination, as well as keep a higher stock of the vaccine than usual so that if an outbreak does occur they are able to quickly vaccinate people who have not received it. The vaccine registries only provide a little information, since people move around, some don't report vaccination, etc.

I'm not aware of other entities that would pay to gather this information, but, at least in the US, you have no obligation to answer their questions.

You can find contact information for US registries from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They also have some information on when these registries were created, and brief statistics about immunization coverage gathered in 2002. There are also immunization laws in the US that you might want to be aware of.


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In Australia, immunisation records are kept by the government for all children under seven years of age who live in Australia.

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register was established in 1996 in response to a decline in childhood immunisation levels and an increase in preventable childhood diseases

Health professionals use the Immunisation Register to monitor immunisation coverage levels and service delivery, and to identify regions at risk during disease outbreaks. The Immunisation Register data also:

  1. enables immunisation providers and parents or guardians to check on the immunisation status of an individual child, regardless of where the child was immunised.

  2. forms the basis of an optional immunisation history statement which informs parents and guardians of their child’s recorded immunisation history

  3. provides information about a child’s immunisation status to help determine eligibility for government benefits (yes, our government pays you to immunise your child!)

  4. provides information for feedback reports to eligible immunisation providers.


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New Zealand has something similar. We also had to provide the information to Kindergarten etc.

(09 May '10, 23:09) K D

We are in North Carolina, and I don't think we were ever contacted about this. When we registered for kindergarten, however, I think they wanted to see records of all the required vaccinations.


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It is normal for schools to ask for vaccination records. It helps them be prepared for any potential outbreaks.

(14 May '10, 13:49) mkcoehoorn

I haven't been contacted about any surveys, but I know the state of Wisconsin keeps a copy of all vaccination records. However, I don't think that it is the norm in the US at this time.


answered 09 May '10, 05:45

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