My 7 month old son normally takes pretty long naps (2 hours or even longer) but sometimes he wakes up a little bit into a nap with a dirty diaper. After I change him he just can't seem to get back to sleep. Should I just get him up? When I do he doesn't take a longer nap later really... How can I help him get the rest I know he needs? Any ideas?

asked 29 Sep '09, 14:46

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I definitely think if he has a diaper that's dirty enough that it's waking him up, you probably do need to change it. The fact that he's not able to go back to sleep is unfortunate, but as long as it's not happening as part of a regular pattern, you can just make his 2nd nap slightly earlier and put him to bed slightly earlier and he'll make the sleep up at night. If he's waking up every day then you might need a different strategy.

I always found with my kids that moving bedtime up an hour didn't change their night schedule - they still woke up to eat around the same times and woke up in the morning around the same time. So whenever they had a "bad nap day" or seemed extra tired, I just put them to bed a bit earlier and they made it up that way.


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If he's up, he's up. I used to try to get my son (about the same age as yours) to go back to sleep after he didn't nap for "long enough" but soon learned that it wasn't worth the effort. Some people just have a harder time falling back to sleep after they are woken up, and your son sounds like one of them. Just try not to stress about it, don't get too tied to a schedule, and have confidence that he will make up for the sleep one way or another.


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This same thing happens to me too! I agree that you should probably change his diaper even if it's unlikely he'll go back down for a nap right away. I don't know if I've figured out the best way to deal with it, but I have been trying to feed my son on a stricter time schedule and then waiting longer to give him a nap until AFTER he has his dirty diaper and then put him down. Or if he does go down and wakes up then I change his diaper and we go run errands in the car or go on a stroller ride and he usually takes a few cat naps while we're out which to me is better than no nap at all. On these days he usually takes an evening nap or goes to sleep earlier. I hope you can figure something out, I know how frustrating that can be!


answered 29 Sep '09, 17:07

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Maybe try waiting until after he 'goes' to put him down for his nap? Does he 'go' at the same time each day?


answered 01 Oct '09, 20:53

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