When my 15 month old son woke up this morning, I discovered that he had somehow managed to get one of his Gerber gummy fruit snacks stuck in his hair on the back of his head. I have no idea how he managed to do this as I did not see it when I put him to bed last night. Now, the fruit snack is all matted on his scalp as he only has a small amount of hair.

Does anyone have any suggestions how to get it out? His hair is not long enough to really cut it out, so any ideas would be appreciated!

asked 10 May '10, 13:57

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Shannon B
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+1 Oh no, could you try softening it with olive oil and then combing /brushing it? out ? (good question)

(10 May '10, 15:52) Emi

Olive oil worked great!! Problem solved :)

(10 May '10, 18:11) Shannon B

@Emi I was going to post olive oil as an answer then saw your comment. You should post this as an answer.

(11 May '10, 04:51) Rich Seller

@Shannon Brilliant, I am really glad it worked. :) @Rich Seller I was on the road so I just wanted to help with a comment contribution.

(11 May '10, 04:59) Emi

When I was little and got gum stuck in my hair my mom would use peanut butter to work it out. It always worked and I think it would probably work with the fruit snack as well.


answered 10 May '10, 14:29

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Peanut butter seems to have some kind of chemical that breaks down all kinds of sticky stuff. I use it all the time to remove the gunk left behind by price tags, etc. It could certainly work.

(10 May '10, 16:15) Scott ♦♦

I ended up using Olive Oil, but we had the peanut butter container on standby.

(10 May '10, 18:13) Shannon B

I would assume soaking with warm water (not too warm of course, since it's directly on the head) would reverse the reaction that took place overnight. Maybe after soaking it with water for approx. 15 Minutes you can use a comb to get it out?

I just offer this as a guess (since it seems urgent) without scientific backing or even without anecdotal experience. That is a huge disclaimer, btw ;)


answered 10 May '10, 14:26

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edited 11 May '10, 04:52

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Rich Seller

How did you end up getting it out? My two year old must have snuck a fruit snack into her bed last night and now it's in her hair. I don't want to cut it out because it's finally getting long... Did olive oil work?


answered 01 May '16, 09:24

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Sarah Ellen
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