I have been using BumGenius one size pocket diapers on my daughter for 18months now. In the last couple months she has been getting open sores and a doctor suggested it may be because of the synthetic material that is against her skin.

So I am looking for cloth diapers that would not have synthetic materials against her skin. I do prefer pocket diapers but am open to other suggestions.

asked 11 May '10, 16:30

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Since you already have made an investment in the pocket BGs, you might get thin organic cotton liners and use those next to the skin, outside of the pocket. You might even make your own from organic t-shirts, which could be cheaper than buying pre-made liners designed for absorption. We also use thin fleece inserts next to the skin whenever we use diaper cream, to protect the absorbency of the diapers.


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We use BumGenius, and our son had a diaper rash that progressed to open sores. It had nothing to do with any reaction to the synthetic material. Rather, as our doctor explained it, it was because he had picked up a yeast infection (quite common) and a tiny break in the skin (small enough to be unseen) allowed bacteria to get in.

The short-term solution was a prescription for both an antibacterial cream (some unpronounceable name) and an anti-yeast cream (essentially, Canestan, but more baby-friendly). The sores and redness were noticeably better within days.

Now, where BumGenius diapers did play a part, in my opinion, is that it seems that over time the fleece cover becomes less permeable to liquid, even with regular stripping. This keeps baby wetter for a bit longer while the liquids percolate through the cover, and yeasts thrive in damp environments. So recently, we've started putting the absorbent pad against his skin, rather than inside the pocket, and treating the diaper more like a prefold. We've also tried organic cotton and hemp liners as well, but more for their absorbency than any concern about synthetics.


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the same happened to our son and the Doc said OTC anti-jock-itch cream would work. The whole thing cleared up in a week with twice daily applications.

(12 May '10, 17:13) Rob Allen

Since you've been using the BG against her skin for a while, and she's only now getting sores, I'd be more likely to consider alkali burns, meaning burns caused by urine*. I've heard that exposing your diapers to the sun will help, and so will fish tank ph balancer, added to the wash**. It wouldn't hurt anything to try, especially the sun since it doesn't cost anything. If the sores persist, you can take other measures.

*Urine burns **These were both suggested by multiple parents on this cloth diapering listserv.


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