Our son has recently discovered the joy of shrieking. He screams, loudly and proudly, for just about anything, especially when he is excited, and most often when he is directly next to my ear (or my wife's.) How can we encourage him to not shriek?

asked 13 May '10, 19:21

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Matthew Jones
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We've found that when our daughter does that, getting close to her and whispering very softly sometimes causes her to imitate us. It works about 50% of the time...


answered 13 May '10, 22:25

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+1 for initiating imitation.

(14 May '10, 12:17) Emi

This absolutely worked. Now he screams once, and when we whisper to him, he whispers back!

(14 Oct '10, 18:04) Matthew Jones

Both my kids have gone through this stage several times with slightly different noises. My understanding (trying to find a reference) is that some of it is due to learning about how to make different sounds and pitches. What we have done is work through the below process :

  1. First tell them that is too loud and not to do it as it hurts Mummy and Daddy's ears. Show them another way they can express excitement if it is a noise associated with excitement. Give lots of praise when they make enjoyable noises.
  2. If that doesn't work. Tell them when they shriek I am going to put you on the floor. Then when they do put them on the floor.
  3. If they keep doing it then we have either put them in another room (which is safe) or walked out of the room where they are. Not sure how old your child is. When my six month old did it I would simple put her there and leave and go back straight away. Now they are mobile I don't close the door and say that when you are going to be quieter then you can come to mummy.

Another tip if you have an older child encourage them to cover their ears rather than complaining about it.


answered 13 May '10, 21:58

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We never did anything particularly to discourage it. All three of my kids did this as part of learning to make noise. (Something they all now excel at.) They soon discovered other, less loud, noises to make. Once they were old enough to be talking we started telling them when they were being too loud.

Of course, my eldest is particularly poor at controlling his volume, even though he is 10, so maybe this wasn't a good approach.


answered 14 May '10, 11:49

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